Application for Loan from School

Sample Application for Loan from School. If any teacher, employee or working staff wants to get loan for personal use or due to any other reason from school, he/she may use the provided format of Application for Loan or Request Letter for loan. Easy template is given below.

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Request Letter for Loan

Mr. James Philip
Finance Administrator.
Cambridge School System.

Subject: Request for Loan 

Dear Sir,

This letter will serve as an official request of mine for personal loan. I am asking for loan of US$3000 for my particular need as I have to shift my residence from Greenland to Eden berg. For my new house I require some down payment and there is some shortage of cash. I am not able to arrange it on short basis therefore I am requesting you to kindly provide me with loan. I hope you will consider my request.


Eva Kim
Senior Science Teacher.

Request Letter for Loan
Request Letter for Loan


Sample Application for Loan from School

The Principal,
Cambridge School System.

Subject: Request Application for Loan

Respected Sir,

It is stated that my purpose of writing is to request for loan of US$2000 for my domestic use. As you are aware that till now there is no increment on staff salary from school administration and for some personal needs of mine I am in short of money. I was thinking to get increment this month but as it is not accomplished, I will be requiring this loan. Kindly sanction me loan considering my request and issue me the deduction plan from my salary. I shall be obliged in this regard.


Steve James
Teaching Assistant.


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