Complaint Letter to School from Parents

Sample Complaint Letter to School from Parents. If parents or elder siblings or tution teacher has any complaint with the school teacher or if there is any other concern, Complaint Letter is sent to the Principal or the administration of school. The format is given below for assistance.

Sample Complaint Letter to Principal from Parents

The Principal,
Star’s School System.

Subject: Complaint Letter from Parents for Child’s Unsatisfactory Result

I am Mrs Sadia Aslam mother of  Rehan Aslam placed their complaint against you due to poor result of their child. They notify the authority that you are held irresponsible in ensuring the copy checking / burdened the child with the homework/ arriving late in the class/ lacking in imparting clear instructions to the child/ skipping correction follow up/ neglecting child’s intelligence level(mental health, physical health and moral level as well) / unable to create healthy classroom culture. Kindly see to the point you are held responsible for in the betterment of the child’s better grades and your own add-up in professional development. Hoping to see the matter with sympathy.

Thanking in anticipation

Parent of: ____________________

Teacher’s Remarks in connection to the complaint

Respected Parent of



Teacher’s Signature: _______________________

Principal’s Signature: _______________________

Dated: ________________

Sample Complaint Letter to Principal from Parents
Sample Complaint Letter to Principal from Parents

Complaint Letter from Parents

The Principal,
Lahore Cambridge School.

Subject: Complaint Letter for Improper Attitude of Class Teacher

Respected Madam,

With due esteem it is stated that my children are students in this prestigious school since outset of their education. They have always got good grades and I am extremely satisfied with the level of study and extracurricular activities along with learning. The reason for my writing is that my youngest son Ahmad Khan is in Grade 3-A and his class teacher has recently been changed. His performance is good but he is getting some issue with the new teacher, namely Miss Sara Baig. I consulted this with the mothers of other students and they have got the same problem. The behavior and attitude of teacher is improper and she gives punishment vigorously.

I understand that every tutor have its own teaching style, but this aggressive attitude should not adopted with junior and sensitive children. Being at the straight point, I want you to take necessary action either train her or change the class teacher according to upgraded level of school. I hope that you will ponder upon this point. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Shama Khan.
Mother of Ahmad Khan.
Contact: 000-0000-000

Sample Complaint Letter to Principal by Parents


The principle…

School/College/Institute name…


Sub: Complaint Letter to Principal

Respected Sir,

I am the father of (Student name) who is enrolled in grade (Name) at your institution. Although there has always been satisfaction regarding annual academic results and efficient management of the institution yet it is regrettable for me to convey you my deep concerns about the misbehavior of one of your school teachers with students in the class. (Write your actual problem and situation in brief).

His name is (Teacher name) who teaches (Subject name) to grade (Name) in your institution. He misbehaved twice with my son/daughter in the class during the current week (Date) on the pretext of a little mistake in one of his papers. He further told me that it has become a routine matter for him to scold the students on little mistakes nowadays.

As you better know there are many ways to rectify the mistakes of students in the class. Being an educationist yourself, there is no need to suggest you that how much it is necessary for a teacher to behave kindly and affectionately with students so that they could learn and understand in a comfortable environment. Indeed it is the teacher who plays a pivotal role in developing the interest in students for study.

I have complete faith in you that you shall mend his conduct with students in the class. I look forward to you for no complaint in this regard in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Your name…


Sample Complaint Letter About Removal of Recess Privileges

Dear Dr. Ingham,

Thank you for your service to Estacado Elementary. I realize that you have a challenging job as an administrator. I think you are doing a great job, and I commend you for your leadership of the school.

Also, I am very upset about a situation in my son’s first grade class. His teacher, Mrs. Veazey, has repeatedly removed his recess privileges. For at least six times in the past month, he has had to “sit out” from recess to finish his classroom work.

While I do understand that he needs to be more efficient, I feel that his recess privileges should not be revoked. As you may know, recess allows student to get exercise, build friendships, and take a break from classwork. I feel that missing this time hinders his performance. He needs the time to let out his energy, play, and socialize.

I have spoken with Mrs. Veazey about this on two occasions, on March 18th and March 25th. On both times, she has said that removing recess is necessary so that he can finish his work. I do not agree with this.

I would like to speak with you regarding this matter. Perhaps we can find a different solution that does not require removing his recess privileges. I will call you sometime this week about this. Feel free to call me sooner at (342)333-1923.

Thank you for your time and attention to this issue.


Valerie Omama

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