Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager

Sample Complaint Letter Format to Apartment Manager. Objections are fragment of any operational organization and it should not be tailor as undesirable reproach but it should be taken as a passage for improvement in professional life. This Easy format can be used by people who had some issue from the living place/ apartment/residence  they are entitled to.

Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager Sample

The Manager,
Beehive Social Cluster House,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager

Respected Sir,

I am living in this apartment from the past three years and I found this place a worthy dwelling to keep myself fresh and active in my life. I had found no issue so far but now I had a small complaint from this residence and I should be taken as man of words in this regard in any case, please.

I am by nature a very hygiene conscious person and tolerate nothing on cost of my taste and habits. I shared the room previously on your request as to keep heart for other fellow beings who are in need of getting themselves protected under roof of rooms. I had no issue with my room mates but I feel agitated with the coming of third person in the room!

I request you to arrange a separate room for me or to the third person who is residing in the room from the past few days. The room seems populated and to some extend suffocating. I hope you will understand the problem that I am facing and will solve the issue as soon as possible. Kindly take the necessary action as soon as possible.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Elizabeth.

Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager Sample
Complaint Letter to Apartment Manager Sample

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