Sample Complaint Letter Format to Land Lord

Sample Complaint Letter Format to Land Lord.Grievances are attached with farmers and the small land owners as their fate entirely depends upon their harvest and the availability of resources and the land quality they found. Such letter format can be used by people who had some issue from the land lords they are committed to.

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Sample Complaint Letter Format to Land Lord

The Owner,
Sansuiata Income Support Company

Subject: Complaint Letter to Land Lord

Respected Sir,

I am a small worker of your land (80 degree North venue) and earn my livelihood to fill the stomachs of my entire family. I am a humble servant of yours and truly committed to my work of harvest on the land you spared me so graciously. I had earned a good deal of food and cash crop from there and was living a happy life with my family.

I am sorry that I am writing this issue to you but believe me it is of utmost importance and incumbent upon me to disclose the matter to your worthy self. The newly hired person is providing a low quality of seeds to the farmers as I noticed the annual yield is less as compared to the previous one. The doubt arose because there is no change in fertilizer supplier or the water supply but the newly hired person.

I hope you will understand the figured details and try to get to the roots of this matter as I am of no authority to check him or his doings. Kindly see to this matter at the earliest available time. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Antonio Woods.

Sample Complaint Letter Format to Land Lord
Sample Complaint Letter Format to Land Lord

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