Apology Letter for Ending Partnership

Apology Letter for Ending Partnership Sample.This apology letter can be used by all those people who have been involved in any kind of partnership but due to some reason, he/she has to end this partnership. Format is given  below.

Sample Apology Letter for Ending Partnership

Dear Mr. Ahsan,

It is hereby to get noticed by you that I am moving abroad permanently with my family due to which I will not be able to continue with our partnership business anymore. We have had this partnership to the best. But now I have to disburse this partnership act. Therefore, it is being stated that all the outstanding payments and obligations after I end the partnership are not associated with me anyhow. All the assets and liabilities have already been divided among us therefore, there is no further ambiguity related to such matters.

The partnership between partner A( Raza Khan) 60% and partner B (Mr Ahsan) 40% is hereby disbursed on 10th may, 2015. I apologize for ending this partnership all of a sudden but this is not in my hands. I have to move abroad immediately and this is why I am disbursing this partnership. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful business experience I had with you and I feel sorry to end this partnership as I would really miss those mesmerizing times.

I also want you to change the business’s name as it is associated with me. After ending this partnership, I will not owe anything and neither will you owe me anything. I would like to wish you all the best for your future professional partnerships. I also apologize once again for ending this partnership so soon and without any early notice. I hope you do understand my problems and you will co-ordinate with me accordingly.

Yours Faithfully,

Raza Khan
Partner A

Sample Apology Letter for Ending Partnership
Sample Apology Letter for Ending Partnership


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