Request Application for the Improvement of Company Accomodations

The purpose of this article is to ask the company to improve the accommodations settings that they provide for their employees. The employer is asking for the company to add him to this endeavor because he has to support either his parents or his wife and kids.
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Sample Request for the Improvement of Company Accommodations



To: The Administration

Dear Admin Manager,


Hope you are well. I am writing to highlight some concerns that I have regarding my living situation. I appreciate that you have provided accommodation for my living. It was definitely one of the best perks that I have received from this job as a person who has a family to support, namely my mother and father who are elderly people. It is such a relief that the accommodation can house all three of us.
However, I am facing issues regarding space availability and safety. There are sanitary issues. The paint is chipping and the pipes are leaking and I believe that it’s not the best environment to keep my family in so I have come to the conclusion that I cannot live like this because I have to take care of my parents. Please help.

Best Regards and hope to hear from you soon.


Request for the Improvement of the Company Apartment



Subject: Apartment Issues

Hi {recipient name},

I hope you are doing well! I am writing to let you know that I am facing some issues with the apartment. There are sanitary issues and space availability and safety. I when I first received the apartment, I was overjoyed because I had a very small family. However, my marriage has resulted in me having three kids and because of that the apartment seems very cramped. I have a big family to support and I appreciate the accommodation that is given to me because it facilitates me greatly and reduces my way to your house my family is far away from me. I have to request that you understand the situation that I am in and help me opt for a bigger apartment with better accommodation. Please understand that I have a family and cannot live like this. Please help as soon as possible.

Waiting for a prompt response.

Thank you.

Easy Application for the Improvement of the Company Apartment



To: The Human Resources Manager

Subject: Dear {recipient name}

Hello {recipient name},

Thank you for providing accommodation for me and my family. I am sorry to say but after a few days of living here I found that there are sanitation issues, I cannot live like this because I have a family. When I was first off at accommodation, I was overjoyed because I was told that the state of all given accommodations was very good. However, I am extremely disappointed to realize that the building is in very poor condition. There are many safety issues and many hazard issues, exams until the fire escape, no working elevator, there are many leaks and chips, and a pest inspection. I believe that this is not the best day for me to keep my family in, and we are completely dissatisfied with the accommodation that I was given. Please understand that I need to be relocated to better accommodation because I have to live with my wife and kids and I cannot keep them in this condition.

Please help as soon as possible.

Best regards,

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