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Cover Letter for Internship

Sample Cover Letter for Internship, Application for internship. These templates can be used by students who want to go for internship. A cover letter with your resume is must to impart a good impression. Cover letter of Internship and as that of Job differs, as you don’t have any strong experience before. You just need to mention your about your academics, skills which make you distinct from others. Also mention how can you be the best choice for the organization. Your letter should be convincing one. Some templates are given below.

Cover Letter for Internship no Experience

The Director,
Falcon’s Agency, New York.

Subject: Letter to Join Internship

Dear Sir,

My capabilities and eagerness to work, along with my academic background makes me a strong competitor for internship in your esteemed organization. My current status is that I am student of MBA Marketing, (Last Year) from Havard University. As a part of my course, students have to go for internship. I choosed Falcon’s Agency, as my interest in my field brought me up to work and gain experience in your organziation.

Likewise my interest, at your place I will explore more for sure and I would be able to utilize and enhance the interpersonal skills I possess. Being in your organization would make me perfect enough and I will learn new tactics and tools in professional life.

I have good academic history which you can view in my resume. This is for the first time with my internship but I assure that I will prefer professionalism first. I will apply my knowledge where wver it can be used. I consider, working with experienced professionals and the knowledge of freshers is the mutualism kind of relationship for your organization. If I get a chance, I will prove to be an asset for your company.

Thanking you.


Eva James.
Contact: 000-555-888.

Cover Letter for Internship no Experience
Cover Letter for Internship no Experience

Sample Letter for Internship

Mr. James Green
Vice President,
Green Fertilizers, Canada.

Subject: Letter for Internship

Dear Mr. James,

I was looking for the opportunity to go for internship in your prestigious organization. Green Fertilizers, is a symbol of trade, quality and fame. I am freshly Graduated in B.S (Hons.) Environmental Science from Aberdeen University. My academic background is good enough as I stood (Second) in my degree and maintained GPA of 3.85.

Related to this field, I am keenly interested as I consider this profession as my career. I have an experience of Eco-internship by World Wildlife Fund and I also did workshop based on EMS by a renowned institute. I have got command over my major subjects, which are Analytical Techniques, Soil Sciences,Climatology,EMS, EIA and other.I also have knowledge about my minor subject as they were very versatile.

Since, internship is a necessary tool to get into any organization before job. I would learn much more except my theoretical knowledge and will be a part of Professionalism.Furthermore, my knowledge in this field would be beneficial to your organization as well. Being an intern in your organization I will utilize my interpersonal along with working skills. I hope you will consider my application and a chance of meeting would be worthwhile.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Jane Eve.
Enclosure: Resume.

Application for Volunteer Work Template

Sample application for join any organization or NGOs for internship or volunteer work. It is according to own schedule because, it is necessary for degree. Students can join banks, companies, hospitals or other social network for Volunteer work. Time periods should be decided according to requirement. Its a social corporate responsibility to every one must take part in different activities for social cause. Its a format application Letter for internship.

Application for Volunteer Work Template

Respected Sir/Madam,

It is stated that, I am interested in joining your institute on honorary basis for the betterment of special children.I would appreciate if I am provided an opportunity to play some part in making a difference in the lives of these children.I want to get some experience, I hope u give me a chance to serve your organization.
Please find attached my CV.I have cleared MBA from LUMS, and do not have practical knowledge, but sure when i join your institute I gain maximum experience and help you in this regard.
Thank you
Awaiting Reply
Saima Malik
Application for Volunteer Work Template
Application for Volunteer Work Template

Request Email for Internship Program

Dear Mam,

My name is Asad Farooq and currently I am studying at Beaconhouse School System. I will be appearing for my A-level exams in June, 2015. Through this mail I would like to show my interest in working as an intern at the institute that you’re working for i.e. Rehman Foundation. I personally believe that it would be a great learning opportunity for me to work there. I hope to get a positive response from you.
Asad Farooq


Application For Volunteer Work Sample

Punjab Youth Festival, Lahore.

Subject: Application for joining as volunteer

Respected Sir/Mam,

I live in_____ and studying ______ from ________ I have heard about the Volunteer ship that is being opened for Punjab Youth Festival. As, it is a very huge platform and interactive as well. It would be a great experience for me to work here as volunteer. I would be honored to be a part of such a great event. I would like the join this program as the registration is open. I shall be waiting for a positive response.

Best Regards,

Name and Signature.

Request Application for Volunteer Work 

 The President


Hamza Foundation



Respected Sir,

It is to be noted that, i am a student of Fsc- Pre medical and want to volunteer work in your extreme Organization for 10 days i.e.from 23rd January to 31st January 2014. Kindly assign me some tasks so, that i may use my spare time in the welfare of your institution and serve my services in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

Taha Bashir


Application Letter For Volunteer Work


The President
Organization Name…..

Dear Sir,

As per believe that every person should donate some time at his/her life for the special children of our country, I volunteer my services to Roshni Foundation.
I would give my best in order to maintain a healthy atmosphere at the Institute. I would like to spend 3-4 hours daily and would require a 68 hours certificate for my services. I hope to have a great time at the school

Yours Truly,

Muhammad Shehzad


Application For Internship Sample

WWF, Pakistan
Subject: Application for joining internship
Respected Sir/Mam,
I live in_____ and studying ______ from ________ I have heard about the new project of Eco-internship launched. It is quite interesting as well as , we students are given extra points if we have done internship before. I would like to join this internship program as the registration is open. I shall be waiting for a positive response.
I shall be thankful to you.
Name and Signature

Application Template for Internship

The President
Organization Name…..

Dear Sir,

I Iqra Arshad D/O Ch. M Arshad wants to do voluntary internship at your institute for two weeks.i-e ten days,starting from 2nd march, 2014. I hope you let me being a part of your privileged institute.I have done my Fsc Pre Medical from Kinnaird college for women Lahore recently. It is a great opportunity to me to come over here and learn from this institution as well as serve my services towards your cause.

Your’s Obediently

Iqra Arshad


Application Template for Internship
Application Template for Internship

It can be helpful  for the students those are interested to join summer internship program after O and A levels or college and university students they want to getting certificate for higher studies in abrade. Free Application for internship email or Template internship application.

Importance of Internship for College Students

Internships are very essential and authentic source by which students can be made more well aware of their practical life, they are indulged in professionalism.Basically its a social human responsibility to spend some time for social cause, students can learn allot of new things to this process. Hey come to know about their field work while remaining in contents of study. During the school year students may feel overwhelmed with coursework, sports, or co-curricular activities that may keep them extremely busy while leaving no time to think of doing an internship or a job. Many students may also feel that they are caught in a bind since they need to make money to pay for their expenses but they can only find unpaid internships in their field. 

Importance of Internship for Students


Internship basically making a sense for the student that how they will work for any job. Internship gave the idea to students for their upcoming job. It give experience to the students before the job. An internee work more effectively then a new student without any internship.Following are the benefits

  • One gets maximum experience.
  • Aware of ambiance and nature of work.
  • An addition in your Curriculum vitae, which imparts positive impression.
  • Professional links among people are formed.
  • One can make market contacts.
  • You can apply your knowledge into practical ones.
  • Explore all possibilities and ways of your field.
  • You may opt to look beyond your frame of mind.
Having an experience, makes their work more effective which is a source of their reliable work. Internship can be paid or unpaid, and are in various fields, arts, science, culinary, law, business, engineering etc. If you are being offered by a paid internship it’s of double benefit. It might meet your expenses as well as you are gaining experience. Like in Hospitality industry, internship is made a part of whole degree. They make their students excel in practical world.


Paid internship:

It is for your own benefit and use, u’ll get to know about work and it enhances your experience. It’s a great requirement in Global Village, and student can earn money for this source and after getting experience companies,banks offer the jobs.

Unpaid internship:

It’s a type in which you aren’t paid, infect you work for a special cause. It worth’s even more. At international level you are considered more, if you have worked for any cause as a social responsibility, you worth more. Like in NGOs for Special children, Orphan child’s etc. Even after A-Level you have to do internship for completing your credit hours, and you get marks for that. Their main purpose is to make students aware of conditions of others. To en light a sense of social humanity based relationship.
Sometimes, depending upon your good luck, you can get a good job, from the reference while staying there, or sometimes by admitting and admiring your working skills, the same organization offers you job having an effective package. All you need what is showing your dedications towards your work. Now-a-days, people having and internship experience are preferred more as compare to the freshers. It is observed world widely that good organizations are promoting internships, and it has remarkably effected the work output. One must attend an internship session, and go thought it because in the modern era, its becoming a need. 
Importance of Internship for College Students
Importance of Internship for College Students