Repriced Loan Letter Sample

Sample re-priced personal loan letter for customer. Such kind of document might be issued by bank. All type of loan plan mentioned in this letter, revised  installment  schedule is attached for making future payment for customer. Repriced amount can be changed according to installment plan.

Repriced Claims Sample


Registration No….
Payment a/c number…..

Subject: Bank Personal Loan

Thank you for being a( bank name) personal loan customers. With reference to  the clause no. 4 of agreement for short term finance on Mark-up basis signed between you and the bank at the time of availing loan facility, your loan pricing was based on the variable pricing option which was linked to a benchmark (one year KIBOR)and a predefined spread.

Every year, your loan is repriced and any change in the benchmark reflects in your equal monthly installment (EMI) however the Predefined spread remains fixed for the tenure of the loan. Effective from 25th installment, your revised schedule is attached for making future payment.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding our products or services, please feel free to contact our 24 hour phone banking center at … number or send us an email at… address.

We truly value your relationship and look forward to providing you the best possible service quality.

Best Regards,

Repriced Claims Sample
Repriced Claims Sample



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