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Essay on Raksha Bandhan

Essay on Raksha Bandhan

India is immensely surrounded by different cultures and flaunts a variety of festivals. One of the many festivals is Raksha Bandhan which means Protection bond. This is a festival or an event that is celebrated to glue the bond of brother and sister. In this festival, a ritual of tying a thread is done by the sister or sisters to the brother or brothers. The purpose behind this ritual is to remind siblings that no matter what the circumstances go by, you will never ever leave each other side in thin or thick!

Hindu religion is strongly and tightly knit around mythology, so according to mythologies,  during Mahabarat event of chains, princess Draupadi tore piece of her saree and tie on  lord Karishna’s finger, when accidently he nicked his finger, Lord Karishna was so touched with this act that he swore to take care and protect her no matter how hard the circumstances would be.

In remembarance of this event, the event is celebrated on each year on the full moon in the month of Shravan (a Hindu month). The special thing about this ritual is that it cannot be celebrated on any day or time of the month, it has special timing which is pronounced as ‘muhrat’, last year it was between 9:28 am to 9:17 pm in the night.

After tying the Rakhi, the sister applies a tilak to the brother’s forehead. Nowadays, Rakhi could be tied to the eldest sister, in case of the absence of a brother in the family followed by an exchange of gifts at both sides for at least that one day. Earlier it was just a common thread that suffices the need for the Rakhi, but now many different and stylish bands of rakhi are available in the market. New era, new customs! Hail the Rakhi Bandhan! Raksha Bandhan also has another word that is Bhai dooj, in which a knot can e tied to a male who is not a brother by blood, but a brother by religion or care-based. One such example was given in the famous movie of Indian industry named Praim, Ratun Dhunpaiyo.

Leave Application for Holi Festival

Sample Leave Application for Holi Festival/Diwali Festival/  Raksha bandhan. If in any case you are not given holiday or day off on this event and you urgently require leave then this easy format of Holika Dahan leave application can prove to be very helpful. Given below are the formats, can be used by teachers and employees.

Sample Leave Application for Holi Festival 

The Manager,
The Steel Industries and Corporation.
Bombay, India

Subject: Leave Application for Holi  Festival

With due esteem it is to state that the traditional ritual of Holi is fast approaching in few days. The day comes with fun and joy as it’s the most important day for India. I had planned a get together with my friends on this festival and we will move to Siri Nager for fun and joy. For that reason I am in need of just two days leave just after the gazette holidays. Kindly grant me the said leaves.I will be thankful to you for your positive response.

Yours Truly,
Arven Rai Zaada
October 1. 2015

Easy Template of Leave Application for Holi Festival

Respected Sir,

With utmost respect and reverence, it is to state that I am an employee of this esteemed and prestigious company. I have been working in this company for now three years and I have loved the environment this company gives to its employees, who belong from different religion, caste and creed. I am Hindu and one of our very celebrated festival “Holi” is coming. Friends and family here in Dubai have planned a meetup and to celebrate this occasion to the fullest. It is my request to please understand the significance of occasion and grant me leave.

Thanking in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,


Easy Format of Leave for Holi

The Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Leave Application for Holi

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am in urgent need for leave on the occasion of holi. On this eve, our company has not given holiday owing to working on special consignment. Sir, I assure you that I will work overtime and complete my tasks before that day for sure. Kindly, allow me leave for holi day because my family will be waiting for me outstation, and I am going to meet them after three months. I hope that you will consider my plea.

Thanking you ahead of time.


Rajiv Sinha.

Easy Format of Leave for Holi
Easy Format of Leave for Holi

Easy Format of Holi Festival

The Desai Foundation,
New Delhi, India.

Subject:  leave application for Holi festival

Respected Sir,

The most awaited celebration is just around the corner. It is the most memorable time of the year when we get together with our families and friends and celebrate the joys of Holi and share love and happiness. I reside in Calcutta and it is a long journey, besides when so many people are returning home to be close to families finding a place on a train is next to impossible. I am aware that the office has permitted official leave for one day for all employees, but due to my special circumstances and reasons I request that I be granted a four day leave to be able to get to and back from Calcutta. Please grant me leave for this time so that I am able to make the requisite bookings since places are short during holiday season.

Yours Truly,
23 rd June, 2016.