Sample Leave Application for Raksha Bandhan Festival

Sample leave application for raksha bandhan festival by teacher. Rakhi festival is famous and customary among Indian festivals as per they believe it is for the safety of their brothers; no matter by blood or by faith. They celebrate the occasion with religious fervor. Leaves are mandatory for its preparation and the actual tying of Rakhi to their respective brothers and can make use of this format as a help.

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Sample Leave Application for Raksha Bandhan Festival

The Principal,
Aligarh brand Coaching Academy
Mumbai, India

Subject: Request of leave for Raksha bandhan festival by teacher

Respected sir,

I am Head of English Department and serving the institute more than twenty years and it is a well-known fact for each and every one that I take leave for the most awaiting event of my life that is known as Rakhi event. I love my brothers and want them to live for eternity with eternal peace, love and wealth. I need a leave of three days as I love to extend the celebrations as possible as I can. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Adit Chopra
10th August, 2017

Easy Format of Application for Preparation of Raksha Bandhan Festival

The Manager,
Acoustic Chemical Company
New Delhi, India

Subject: Request of leave for preparation of Raksha bandan festival

Respected Tara Singh,

Greetings! I hope will be affecting by the vibrant waves of surrounding that are loudly enchanting about Rakhi Festival! This is love of our sisters towards us, but the fact remains the same: we have to go here and there to fulfil the demands of them for the decoration and the edibles for this event.
They do all this for us with sincere hearts and overflowing love. I need a full day leave for this purpose as I am their only brother. There is no pending work on my behalf and if somehow discovers from nowhere then I will get it complete as soon as I resume my seat. Thank you so very much.

Yours Sincerely
Mr. Devan Rai
10th August, 2017

Festival Leave Application Format 

(Boss Name)
(Company Name)


Your Name
(Your Destination)
(Your Company)
Date: */*/2021

As we have already Discussed, I would like to apply for 4 days leave for Raksha Bandhan from 11th August to 14th August, I want to spend this festival with my closed ones and family.
kindly allow me to take off for 4 days.
I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Sample Leave due to Raksha Bandhan
Ceremony by Students

The Managing Director,
Alex Aula Colleges System,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Request for Leave due to Raksha Bandhan Ceremony

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honor, It is to state with much humility that I am the only person here who does not belong to New Delhi as I came here for getting higher education from Lucknow and as you know, there is Raksha Bandhan festival ringing in the air and I also wanted to my home for the sacred celebration. I am the only brother to five sisters. Kindly  grant me the three days leave in this connection. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully
Mr. Arnav Sing Raizaada
25th August, 2018

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