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Leave Message by Students

Leave Message by Students

Sample leaves messages/ SMS by students to their principals/teachers/supervisors/co-supervisors. Leave means you are down to work or unable to access the workplace. Meanwhile, it is significant to inform the authorized person at the earliest.

You can change these SMS/ short leave messages accordingly. Here you go:

a) Respected Madam/Sir, 

I recently got shots of vaccine for Covid-19. Due to the acupuncture, I’m not able to move my hand which is making me dysfunctional. Kindly comply with this medical condition.

b) Respected Madam/Sir, 

I’m suffering from pyrexia and the doctor has advised me to utilize drips. That is why I’m no longer able to join today.

c) Respected Mentor,

I hope you are doing great. I was up for the meeting call but least fortunately I rushed an accident which leads to minor injuries. Kindly consider a day off from school/work today. 

d) Dear Madam,

I am supposed to attend the marriage of my childhood friend as it will all be set for the next week. Thus, I request you humbly to accept my leave to (DD//MM//YY).

e) Honorable Sir/Madam,

I do consider, the class meeting holds a significant position but unluckily, I’m out of station for few days. Kindly give it approval. 

f) Hello Sir,

I am writing this to you as a hazardous situation erupted at my place. I needed to support my family. Kindly comply.

g) Greetings,

I was coming to school/college/university/workplace unexpectedly; I was exposed to the spray of pests and caught skin bruises. I am not able to blink my eyes even. That’s why I can’t make my way today for class/meeting.

h) Respected Madam/Sir,

I’m serving as a volunteer at a youth organization. They organized an international conference. Owing to this, I can’t participate in today’s quiz. Kindly consider my request.

i) Hi Madam/Sir,

Earlier this morning, I went for a routine walk when I got attack by hounds of stray dogs. In that scenario, my leg sprained. So, I can barely walk. Please consider my issue.

j) Respected Madam/Sir, I was very enthusiastic about today’s online presentation. But you can’t deny technical faults. My connection was buffering and can’t get access to MS Teams/Zoom/Google classroom. Kindly accept my off from today’s class. Much anticipated.