Sample SMS to Work from Home

Sample messages to work from home. Every searcher can use these easy messages according to requirement

Sample SMS to Work from Home

  1. Respected Sir, it’s John. I’ve been working remotely for several hours each week and I’ve noticed that my productivity has increased without the daily distractions of the office. I’d like to continue to work from home if that’s okay with you. I’ll be available whenever you need to meet.
  2. Hey boss, Mark here. I’ve been working from home and I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to give my clients more attention than before when I was working in the office. In addition to that, the company would be able to save money by not having to pay me travelling allowance and paying for my parking. I’ll be available to come to the office if need be.
  3. Hey Madam, Ross here. We’ve begun preparations for the marketing conference and it needs a lot of time and dedication. I’d like to work from home for a few days a week. I’ve noticed working from home increases my productivity and allows me to get more work done. You can reach me via email or phone when I’m working from home.
  4. Hey boss, this is Jane. I’d like to work from home for the next few weeks. I’ve received a lot of complaints from my clients about the background noise during our phone calls. This makes communication challenging. Working from home would increase my productivity as well if you allow me to do so. You can contact me via phone or email.
  5. Hey Sir, this is Rohan My COVID-19 PCR report came in positive. I’d like to continue to work from home until I’m better and test negative. It would allow me to rest and also help me in improving my productivity.
  6. Dear Boss, it’s Irene. My mother suffers from dementia and she moved in with us recently. I’d like to work from home. This way I’ll be able to care for her and save the company some money as well. I’ve heard working from home increases your productivity as well so it would allow me to get more done. If needed, I’ll be able to come to the office or you could contact me through email or cell phone.


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