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Love SMS between Partners

The following is are love SMS between partners, showing how much their significant other truly means to them. Every partner can use this sample and modify it according to their need. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Love SMS between Partners

  1. When I’m in your arms, I feel the safest and happiest. Every day, I choose you, and I’m grateful that you do as well. I had no idea what it meant to marry your closest friend until I met you. You are my first thought in the morning and my final one before I go to bed. You instil in me a love I never thought was possible. I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight.
  2. I adore you more than I adore pizza. And I’m a huge fan of pizza. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have you at my side at the moment, tomorrow, and forever. You make my heart beat, my thoughts race, and my lips create the most beautiful grin. I honestly don’t know where to begin when it comes to expressing how much I adore you.
  3. Love can never be quantified. It can only be sensed. You’ve painted my existence in the hues of bliss. I don’t need anything else as long as you love me! Every day, I grow more in love with you as I spend more time with you. You have a very kind and lovely heart, which I pledge to protect for the rest of my life. I adore you more than you can ever imagine.
  4. If there is one thing I would not alter about my life, it is the possibility of meeting you and falling in love with you. Your brilliant eyes, lovely smile, delectable lips, and complete being captivate me with sentiments I adore. You are the focal point of my fantasy because I adore you more than the sun, which brightens my day, and the moon, which keeps the night awake.
  5. You appeared amid the worst period of my life. I was depressed and shattered on the inside. And even when everything was a shambles, Your love shined brightest. Then I began to fantasise of a great future with you. I love you. I certainly do. You have this wonderful ability to make my heart sing.
  6. I want to be your favourite greeting and your most difficult goodbye. I felt disillusioned and despondent. But I continued to beg for a saviour to come into my life. God answered my request by sending you. I now owe you my life for all eternity. The only thing I can do flawlessly is love you fiercely!

Leave Message by Students

Leave Message by Students

Sample leaves messages/ SMS by students to their principals/teachers/supervisors/co-supervisors. Leave means you are down to work or unable to access the workplace. Meanwhile, it is significant to inform the authorized person at the earliest.

You can change these SMS/ short leave messages accordingly. Here you go:

a) Respected Madam/Sir, 

I recently got shots of vaccine for Covid-19. Due to the acupuncture, I’m not able to move my hand which is making me dysfunctional. Kindly comply with this medical condition.

b) Respected Madam/Sir, 

I’m suffering from pyrexia and the doctor has advised me to utilize drips. That is why I’m no longer able to join today.

c) Respected Mentor,

I hope you are doing great. I was up for the meeting call but least fortunately I rushed an accident which leads to minor injuries. Kindly consider a day off from school/work today. 

d) Dear Madam,

I am supposed to attend the marriage of my childhood friend as it will all be set for the next week. Thus, I request you humbly to accept my leave to (DD//MM//YY).

e) Honorable Sir/Madam,

I do consider, the class meeting holds a significant position but unluckily, I’m out of station for few days. Kindly give it approval. 

f) Hello Sir,

I am writing this to you as a hazardous situation erupted at my place. I needed to support my family. Kindly comply.

g) Greetings,

I was coming to school/college/university/workplace unexpectedly; I was exposed to the spray of pests and caught skin bruises. I am not able to blink my eyes even. That’s why I can’t make my way today for class/meeting.

h) Respected Madam/Sir,

I’m serving as a volunteer at a youth organization. They organized an international conference. Owing to this, I can’t participate in today’s quiz. Kindly consider my request.

i) Hi Madam/Sir,

Earlier this morning, I went for a routine walk when I got attack by hounds of stray dogs. In that scenario, my leg sprained. So, I can barely walk. Please consider my issue.

j) Respected Madam/Sir, I was very enthusiastic about today’s online presentation. But you can’t deny technical faults. My connection was buffering and can’t get access to MS Teams/Zoom/Google classroom. Kindly accept my off from today’s class. Much anticipated.

SMS For Meeting Request

These are the reference meeting appointment messages for the people who want to use for different meeting situations. Feel free to connect and read more to find amazing stuff!

SMS For Meeting Request

  1. Hi Kelly. This is John from Insurance. You booked an appointment at 1 pm tomorrow to discuss your present insurances and what they cover and this is just a friendly reminder of our meeting at 1 pm tomorrow at our Seattle office. Please ensure you’re on time and don’t forget to fill out the form we emailed you. Thanks! If you can’t make it in time please inform us in advance so we can reschedule.
  2. Dear Kelly. This is John from John’s Salon, we received your request for an appointment on at 4 pm, Friday. You asked for a full makeover. Looking forward to seeing you then. In case you need to reschedule, let us know.
  3. Hi Kelly. This is John from Dentistry and Beyond, you booked an appointment with Dr. Kumar. We just need to confirm our appointment for 11 am tomorrow at our Seattle office. Does this time still work for you? In case it doesn’t, feel free to reach out so we can reschedule our appointment.
  4. Hi Kelly. This is John from Winzip’s Sales Department. You booked an appointment at 2 pm, Friday. This is to confirm that we received your request for an appointment and we’re looking forward to meeting with you. In case you’re not comfortable with the appointment at 2 pm, Friday then feel free to reschedule.
  5. Hi Kelly. This is John from the University of Central Punjab. You applied for the position of Associate Professor and your interview will be held on Thursday 11 am. Please ensure you bring all of your documents. And also, try to be on time. Looking forward to working with you in the future.
  6. Hi Kelly. This is John from John’s Workshop. We received your request for an appointment and have booked you a slot for your checkup at 11 am, Saturday. Please try not to be late and feel free to reschedule if you’re not okay with the time.
  7. Hi Kelly. This is John from John’s real estate. You booked an appointment to see some properties at 2 pm tomorrow. We will be more than happy to show you around. Shawn will be showing you some properties tomorrow and try to be on time.

Christmas Greetings/Wishes SMS by Employee

Merry Christmas wishes messages/text. Christmas greetings wording.  Short Christmas Messages. Christmas Greetings/Wishes SMS. These text can be used all searchers according to need.

Christmas Greetings/Wishes SMS by Employee

  1. My special and joyful wishes to you on this Christmas. May your heart be filled with ultimate fin, soulful love and contentment. Enjoy the Day with your friends and family.
  2. On this miraculous Christmas, I wish you very happy merry Christmas. May you receive a lot of gifts and a lot of food. May you always achieve success like you do.
  3. Merry Christmas to the best boss ever. You are more of a mentor than a boss. May life gives you bundle of sweet surprises all your life and may you have quality time this Christmas with your family.
  4. You are ideal for me as just Christmas candle is ideal for all of us. It gives us all the light and makes no noise and becomes smaller and smaller. You are the light of our life. May you always be like this. Happy Christmas.
  5. Family time is here. Fun time is here. It is the time which calls for all the families to be united and celebrate all the Christmas festivities with each other. May you have splendid Christmas with your family.
  6. Best present is always the lone time with your family. May this Christmas be glorious for you and your family. I wish you very happy Christmas.
  7. I wish you happy Merry Christmas. May your house be filled with all the joy, happiness and blessings. I hope you truly enjoy the Christmas.
  8. Nothing is better when you have holidays and a lot of delicious food to eat at home. May you celebrate the soulfulness of Christmas at its fullest and remember the joy and miraculous day of Christmas forever.
  9. May this Christmas be a lovely Christmas for you and your family. It’s a time for reminiscing and looking forward at the same time. A very happy merry Christmas.

Sample Short SMS for Employee

Sample short SMS for Employee. Necessary changes can be done according to need.

SMS to manager due to late coming because of tyre puncture

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I am currently in a fix and could not manage time to come to office at the proper time frame as given by the company. I was on the road and heading towards the office, but the crushed crystal on the road got my tyre punctured and now I am standing at Auto shop for its repair. I will be at office at my
earliest. Thank you and regard.
Mr. Mojo Toy

SMS to manager for one hour late arrival due to light issue

Respected Sir,

It is to state that I will be late from office today. The reason of my being late is the cut off of power and my wife had forgotten to press my office suit chose for today. Light is scheduled to come after half an hour and half hour will be the time to reach the office so after one hour I will be in my office. Kindly assign Mr. Jacob Joe till the time on my seat. I will be thank full to you for this kind action.
Best Regards,
Mr. Tom Andrew.

SMS to manager for half an hour due to traffic jam and accident issue

Respected Madam,

With due respect and honour, it is to state that I am Ms. Elizabeth Roy and currently holding the office of Human Resource Department. I was on my way to office and was on time, but rush of traffic caught me in sudden moment and now I am fix in traffic
jam together with an accident that occurred due to this bad traffic. I
will regain my seat as soon as the traffic thinned. Kindly see to this
issue and I will be really grateful to you. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ms. Elizabeth Roy.

SMS to manager for half hour late arrival due to rush of traffic

Respected Sir,

With due respect , it is to inform you that I am stuck in traffic right now. The reason behind this rush of traffic is strike that labour party is doing to raise their salary and it will take another half an hour so I will be in my office right after one hour. Kindly manage someone on my behalf till my arrival. I will be grateful to you for this kind action. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Janet Jazz

SMS to manager for one hour early leaving the office because of emergency

Respected Sir,

Please be informed with much humility that, I had just got a call from my mother thahad fallen from the stairs and is not responding to anybody. I need to rush towards home and for that reason I could not find time to reach your office and had to leave the office one hour before the pack up time. Please see to my issue and do the needful, I will be grateful to you for this favour.

Best Regards,
Mr. Andy Rim

SMS for Leaves Approval by Employee

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing great. Sir, I request you to kindly approve my leaves from 4th August to 15th August because my wife is expecting and doctor has advised me to take care of her.

Warm Regards,

Sample Short SMS to Manager by worker for Health Checkup

Respected Sir,

As i discussed with you regarding my health issues. I need to go my doctor for health checkup. Kindly approve my leaves from 2nd July till 5th July. I shall be very thankful to you.

Best Regards,


Leave Text Messages

Format of multiple Short Leave Text Messages and  Leave SMS Messages for Leaves are provided below. Informal style messages are available for daily use. If any working person want to get urgent leave and he just wants to inform the management through a text message/sms following formats can be used. You can visit for more leave messages messageshttp://applicationszone.com/general-leave-messages/

Leave Text to Boss Due to Emergency

Hi, this is to inform you that my friend is admitted in hospital due to car accident. He is in very critical condition and I have to visit him on urgent basis. I will not be available for duty today. Please appoint a substitute and I will be back tomorrow on duty.

Leave Message due to Baby Birth

I am very please to inform you that my sister has been blessed with a baby boy this morning. I have to go to hospital and have a pleasant sight of my new born nephew. Therefore, I won’t be coming to office today. Please manage the situation. I will be back after a day.

Leave Text due to Travelling

Hello Sir, I have cousins from UK at house and I have been given duty to take them on mini tour of India tomorrow. I have to make sure that they don’t miss the splendid and grandeur beauty of India. So, it would not be possible for me to come to office tomorrow. Many thanks in advance.

Leave Text to Boss Due to Convocation

Dear Sir,

Convocation is a big day! My daughter has secured first position in
her final degree and I am right in the hall, half of the ceremony
has passed, but the share of my daughter is still left. I could not
come in the office on time so kindly grant me full day leave. Thank

SMS to Boss Due to Appointment with Doctor

Respected Sir, I am in the clinic of doctor, got an early
appointment to be on time in the office but the crowd in the clinic
unfolds another story so I could not come to office and wishing a
leave for my treatment. Thank you.

SMS to Boss Due to Appointment with Lawyer

Respected sir, as you know I had filed a divorce case and in that
connection, weekly meeting with my lawyer is mandatory. I am
here in his office and discussing the grave matter resting on my
future life. Kindly grant me the leave for today. Thank you.

SMS to Boss Due to Child’s Sports Day

Respected Sir, I am screwed up in my son’s annual sports day and
finding no way to get out of it as prize distribution ceremony is
timed exactly at the off time of our office. Please see to this
matter and mark my leave for todays. Thank you.

SMS to Boss due to Child Birth

Dear Sir, I am here in the hospital, cracking the news of
newly born baby girl! I cannot leave my spouse on her crucial time
and so I bid farewell to my office for one day. Kindly grant me the
leave of today and I will come tomorrow with a box of chocolate
for you. Thank you.

Sample  Leave Text Message due to Emergency at Home

Respected Sir,

I am needing a leave as there is an emergency erupted in my
home that I cannot share with you but I am needed there and want an urgent leave. Please comply.

Sample Text Requesting Leave due to Road Accident

Respected Sir,

It is to state that I had witness a road accident few minutes before and I was the only one available at the spot so the person’s life is dearer and I took him to the hospital. Please grant me leave top settle the things here. Thank you.

Leave Text due to new Identity Card process

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I am in NADRA office and in the queue
waiting for my turn due to process of getting new identity card. I will be back in half an hour so till then grant me the said leave. Thanks.

Sample Leave Text due to Renewal of Passport

Respected Sir,

It is to state that I had applied for the renewal of the passport
and just now I had received their call to collect the passport. So, to fulfill that purpose I will be needing a short leave from my work. Please allow me to go. Thank you.

Sample Message to Attend Holi Festival

Greetings, Please be informed, it is stated that I am not able to attend office for 2 days as you know our ritual festival Holi is near. I want to spend this festival with my family and friends. Please allow me to go. Thank you.

Leave SMS for Christmas  Preparation


Sorry for bothering you at this hour, Just wanted to tell you that I shall not be able to attend the office today just because I want to go home for the preparation of Christmas. Please allow me to take off. Thank you.

Diwali Leave Message

Good Afternoon Sir,

Sorry for texting you at this time, but just wanted to tell you I am on 2 days Leave because Diwali is just around the corner and I want to go my hometown for the celebrations.


SMS for Urgent Leave

Good Morning Mrs. James,

I am sorry to disturb you at the moment but I have to inform you that unfortunately while leaving my house for office today I get to know that my car is out of order. It was creating mess for me since many days  but today its worse. I need to bring this to mechanic. I request you to please consider it my leave. I’ll be thankful.


Leave text Message due to Umrah

1) Hi! Good Day! It is to inform you that I am leaving for Umrah today! As I have already submit the application to administration. This message is to inform that my holidays start from today.

2) Hello! Good Afternoon! I hope you are doing great! I am leaving for Umrah tomorrow. Please take care of things in the office and I would text you my new number once I reach Saudia Arabia.

Short Message for Leave


Mr. Kevin please be informed that I am unable to come to office today because of unpredictable weather. Its raining heavily and I have to use public transportation in order to reach office. I request you to please sanction me leave for today. I shall be grateful.


Nena James.

Text Message for Leave

Hello Sir!

Hope this message finds you hale and hearty. I just want to request that provide me with a day off for tomorrow. As, I have to take my mother for her monthly checkup to hospital and I am not sure how much time it will take. Kindly allow me the leave, I shall remain obliged.


Short Leave Text Message

Hey There,

Hope you are doing great!
Sir, I just wanted to inform you that I have to attend the Annual Parents Teachers Meeting of my elder son. I need a short leave for 2 hours on account of this, today. I will come to office at 11 am instead of 9 am. I request you to please accommodate my request.

Many Thanks.

Easy Leave Message

Hello Mr. Steve,

I just wanted to let you know that I am not felling well and I cannot come to office. I want to take off for today. Please inform the management.



Leave Text Message due to House Shifting

1) Hi, we are shifting to another town of the city today so it would not be possible for me to come today.

2) Hello, it is to inform you that I am shifting from the flat to the house today. So, it would not be feasible for me to come to office today.

Sample  Leave Text due to Child’s Admission

Respected Sir,

I am in need of an urgent short leave because my presence is urgently needed at the time of the admission of my son as it is mandatory in nature. Kindly grant me the leave of two hours to cater this issue. Thank you.

Sample Leave Message due to Mother’s Operation

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to state that my mother is in the hospital
and she is needing blood on urgent basis and I am the only one of his offspring whose blood group match with her. Please free me for that time period. Much thanks.

Text Message due to Fever

Respected Madam,

I am sorry to approach you via text message, but it was important and crucial to tell that I want one day leave from the school as I am suffering from high fever. Kindly grant me the said leave. Thank you.

Short Message for Funeral Procession

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that my wife’s uncle died today. Kindly grant me leave to make it possible for me to join the funeral procession. Much Thanks.

Text Message due to Food Poisoning

Respected Bank Manager,

With honour and respect it is to state that I had eaten raw cooked food yesterday and now I am suffering from food poisoning. Kindly grant me the leave so that I can check myself from the doctor. Thank you.

Short Message for illness

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much care and love that my mother is sick and feeling nausea. She is not feeling well so kindly retire me from my work for the first half as I would be with her at the hospital. Thank you.

Message for Office due to Baby Birth

Respected Madam,

Please be informed that I am blessed by a baby girl few hours ago so I cannot come to office. Kindly mark my leave from the wok.Sorry for annoyance. Thanking in anticipation.

Half Day Leave Text Message

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much care and love that I want to apply for a half day’s leave as Parent Teacher Meeting of my child is held today in the school. Sorry to inform you via SMS. Thank you.

SMS for Boss due to Open an Account

Respected Sir,

With due honour and respect it is to state that I want a half leave from my work today as I need to open new account in the nearby branch of Askari Bank. Thank you.

Sample Format of Requesting Students’ Leave Messages


Respected Madam,

With due respect and attire, it is to state with much care and
reverence that I am Mr. Joe Ronnie and a student of Junior School level. I am here for a reason and it is that my family is moving to our native land in connection of celebrations for Christmas followed by marriage of my dear sister. All this will take a month in its accomplishments and for sure, I have to move with my family as well. I am in need of a month’s leave from the college so that I can take part in the festivity and enjoy the colours of life. My exams are starting right after December and I assure you I will be prepared for exams so there will be no worries in sanctioning me the leaves. Thanking in consideration and in advance.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Joe Ronnie,
3 rd November, 2017.

Sample Format of Birthday Message


Dear Joy Ron,

You are love of my life and I cannot express in words how much I adore you. On your 25 th birthday, I still remember your plunge in water when you took first tiny step of yours and the long cry of yours that followed it. Your first A grade in your Kindergarten standard. Your first trophy in Sport Swimming Gala when you reached at your 16 th birthday: all these memories filled my heart with happiness and a smile of joy swept all over my face. You are a full grown man now and earning handsome dollars as your salary. Your mother relived her youth with your youth and your this aunt is still busy in collecting the tender memories of yours when you were, but just a toddler. All I can say is I love you from the core of my heart and Dearest Joy Ron


Sample Condolence Message

Sample letter format of requesting condolence messages. In former days, letter was considered as ‘half meeting’, but now letter is replaced by messages as they are the quickest and the most reliable mean of communication and sending the wishes for birthday or the point of views for condolence and students’ leave messages.

Sample Condolence Message Due to Mother’s Demise


Dear John Carter,

I just heard the sad news of your mother’s demise and I was told
that she was the patient of chronic heart disease and last night she could not survive the heart attack and it proved fatal. Words cannot erase pain that you are facing right now as this loss is irrevocable and cannot be compensated in the future as well. All I can utter at this miserable time is that I am available for any kind of help or guidance that you could be needed in the times to come. Please accept my humble condolence and do remember me in your prayers, but don’t forget to call me in your hour of need. I pray you may overcome the pain and suffering attached to this disastrous situation and as soon as possible.
Best Regards,

Mr. Leo Tan,
Lit Bop Trust International System
3 rd November, 2017.

General Leave Messages to Boss

1) Good Morning, I hope you are doing fine. It is to inform you on urgent basis that I would not be available for the meeting today in office. I feel very nauseating. It seems that I need rest for one day.

2) Hi Sir, I am informing you on short notice that my grandpa is no more in this world. I am busy in making arrangements of funeral. It would not be possible for me to come to office today.

3) Hello Sir, I am sending you this message to inform you that my sister has fell down from stairs in school and sustained some injuries. Therefore, I won’t be able to come today.

4)Good Afternoon Boss! I know it is a bit late to inform that I cannot come to office today. My friend met with an accident and I have to go see him in hospital.

5) Hello Sir, it is to inform you that I need to go to another city to see my grandmother in emergency as she is in a very critical position right now. Doctors have given up and requested the family to get together. Therefore, it is important for me go.

6)Dear Sir, I hope I am not disturbing you at this moment of a day. I met with a very unfortunate accident today. My car got hit by a truck. Luckily, I got small bruises but my car got damaged. I have to file a report. Therefore, need emergency leave.

7) Firstly, I want to apologize for unanticipated leave today. I know I am telling you this a bit late but there was a emergency call from my daughter school. She lost her conscious so we had to take her to the school.

Leave Text due to House Renovation

Hello Sir, I won’t be able to come due to house renovation. All responsibilities of workers management is on my head. Being only male of the house, it is on my head to monitor everything. Much thanks.

Leave Message due to Atekaaf Break

Sir, I feel blessed to inform you that I am sitting on atekaaf for three days. Please consider my leave for notified days. I will be back to work after Eid. JazakAllah

Sample Leave SMS due to Abroad Visit

Ma’mm, I am going to visit my sick aunt in UK. She has cancer and all family is gathering for her. I need leave for three days. Regards.

Leave Message due to Trip with Family

Dear Sir, I want to inform you that my mother has planned an adventurous trip for whole of the family. We would be gathering together after ages. It is my request to please permit me leave for one day. Regards

Leave Text due to Bike Accident

I need to inform you that I got hit by a car and had a severe bike accident. Please be informed that it was the reason I could not notify you about my absence yesterday. I need one day more off to recover from injuries.