Sample Short Leave Messages

Sample Short Leave Messages. If any working male or female want to get urgent short leave and he/she just wants to inform the boss through a text message/sms they can use these text according to need.

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Sample Short Leave Messages

  • Dear Sir, I am writing this message to inform you that my wife is in last days of pregnancy. It is a crucial time for both of us as she is not feeling well. Her condition got unstable so I have to be with her today for some time, Therefore, I need leave for two hours from office.
  • Dear Boss, my sister had a very bad accident today. I am going to take her to the hospital. It would not be possible for me to come. Kindly permit me leave for one hour only.
  • Good Morning boss! I hope you are doing well. It is to inform you that I need to leave from the work today as my son has a very high fever. I have to take care of him at home. Please give me leave for two hours only.
  • Dear Sir, I won’t be able to attend college today for whole day as my mother is suddenly very sick. She is having blood vomiting’s. It is my request to permit me leave for three hours only.
  • Morning Boss! I am sending you this message in the morning as I have a funeral to attend today. I just go the sad news of demise of my beloved grandfather. I will be coming late to office. Please adjust two hours.
  • Dear Sir, I just got a message from my sister that my mother fell from the stairs. I have to go see her at home. Please give me short leave of one hour only.
  • Respected Sir, I am not feeling well today. I am having severe headache from the week now it feels like I have a migraine. I will diagnose it from the doctor today. Thus, I request you to grant me leave for three hours today only.
  • Dear Sir, I hope you are in good health. Unfortunately, my father is very sick today. His health condition is not good. I need leave for one hour only.
  • Dear Boss! My wife is expecting a child. She is alone at home and not feeling very good. I understand that office needs my help but I need leave for two hours just today.
  • Dear Madam! I am having severe stomach ache and continuous vomiting’s. I feel that I have food poisoning. I will get it checked today. Please give me short leave of two hours so I can get it checked.
  • Morning Sir! One of my friend’s mother passed away today. She is like my sister. I need to be with her at this unfortunate incident. Please grant me short leave for one and half hour only.

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