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Easy Vitamin-Enhanced Drinks Benefits

Are Vitamin-Enriched Drinks *Bad* for You?

Do Enhanced Waters Actually Have Health Benefits?


Human body is made up of many nutrients apart from organs, muscles and tissues. In order to keep the body healthy, it needs the required nutrients in an adequate amount as excess of anything is bad. Vitamins are micro organic nutrients which are required in a human body for efficient working of metabolism. There are two major types of vitamins:

  1. Water soluble Vitamins.
  2. Fat-soluble Vitamins.

As far as water-soluble vitamins are taken into consideration, these are like free souls and travel with liberty in the entire body and does not reach to toxic levels like fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and these vitamins are expelled out by kidneys.

These vitamins are sourced from grain, breads, cereals, nuts, seeds, legumes, green vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, leafy vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, papaya, kiwifruit, lettuce, mushrooms, peanuts, milk, eggs, oranges and fruits. All the vitamins function differently; conclusively vitamins help in maintaining energy metabolism, nerve function, normal vision, skin health, digestive system, protein metabolism, iron absorption, strengthen immune system and helps to make red blood cells.

Fat-Soluble Vitamins stayed in the body and are hard to expel out of the body. These vitamins are stored and packed in cells of the bodies. These vitamins must be taken with care as its abundance can lead to toxic levels. In this regard, balanced diet is usually give enough fat-soluble vitamins.

Fat-soluble Vitamins include Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Vitamin E. These vitamins are sourced from animal sources other sources milk, cheese, cream, butter, eggs, liver, leafy, dark green vegetables, rich orange fruits, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, liver, margarine, fatty fish, wheat grain, sprouts, seeds, nuts and sunlight.

Fat-soluble vitamins are needed for  retaining and sustaining good vision, helps in keeping glowing healthy skin,  protects mucous membrane, enriches health of bones,  promotes tooth growth, sturdy the immune system,  vitamins help in absorption of calcium stored in bones, it is a good antioxidant, enhances and protects cell walls, supports proper blood clotting and healthy membrane.

People love to live active and perky life and in order to get this surreal lifestyle they consume their time in maintaining healthy diet and eating style. Vitamins are like booster dose, enhancing what is needed the most! Vitamins help in restoring the skin health, it gives a glow and sheen to the skin that is the sign of healthy inner.

There are wide range of vitamin drinks and vitamin based beauty products. The most hot selling product is vitamin C serum. People are crazy about this product, whether it is proposed as bottled and marketed products or simply made at home by following DIY videos rampant on YouTube.

By Vitamin drinks, we simply mean amalgamation of beverages with fresh or powders containing vitamins, especially the inclusion of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. These vitamins should be taken in accurate and adequate amount, but no fears, if you have over dosed yourself with such vitamin enhanced drinks, then they would flush out of your body through peeing out.

In other words, Water-soluble Vitamins will not stay stored in your body, the excess is sure to come out of your body. Below are listed some of the advantages of vitamin enhanced drinks:

  • Stay hydrated: adequate amount of such drinks will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Women should drink four glasses of fluid daily, if you are deficient in vitamins, whether water-soluble or fat-soluble vitamins. These are also known as energy boosters as they act as food for the body.
  • Marketed or bottled vitamin enhanced vitamins must be taken through care, as high amount of artificial sugar is added in such drinks which can lead to health hazards. Take vitamins directly from the plants or animal sources as these are natural and hence beneficial for the health.
  •  Prepare your own vitamin enhanced drinks at home: add few slices of any of your favorite citrus fruit and dip them in water, let it seep through the water for at least three to four hours. This type of water, will act a detoxed water and will also give you benefits of vitamins.
  • Vitamin enhanced drinks make your skin healthy. It contribute it renewing the cells functionality, providing apt amount of energy to the digestive system, builds your immune system on tougher levels.
  • Vitamin enhanced are beneficial for hair as well. As we all know, hair are made up of protein and many vitamins perform their function as absorption of protein into the body.
  • If you are suffering from fever, headache or even cold, then go for vitamin enhanced drinks, try taking freshly brewed juice at home, but make sure to add up its fiber also as it would double the process of healing. Avoiding giving it to children who have history of weak lungs or breathing issues with them, as giving them vitamin enhanced drinks as cure, would turn into fatal attack.

Conclusive Remarks: Human needs variety of nutrients to stay healthy, but foremost need is apt amount of vitamins in order to stay healthy or to cure the body from ailments. Vitamin enhanced drinks must be taken with care, as to avoid excessive amount of sugar that can prove to be lethal. Such drinks are good for skin, hair, digestion and for proper clotting of the blood. I would suggest eating as long as you are blessed with teeth. Prefer fresh juices/fruits over artificial beverages for staying healthy.

Importance of Protein in Life


Protein is simply defined as a large chain of amino acids present in it. Protein has do many functions in our body like muscle tissues repair and build more muscles maintain your body PH level and fluid levels also good for your hair growth your joints and done much more work in our body.


Protein in a fitness lifestyle is very important because protein doesn’t make you fat protein have less calories healthy fats and some fibers and carbs which is good for your body and proceed to give you a healthy lifestyle. If you are on a fat loss or muscle build program you need a high protein intake. An average normal person who doesn’t workout he just need 0.8 gm. protein per day multiply with their body weight. For example if you have 70 kg body weight then you just required 0.8×70 = 56 gram per day.
If you are a healthy person you just want a fitness so you just need 1 gram protein per day for example your body weight is 70 so 70×1=70 gram protein per day this is your daily requirement.

If you are on a fat loss and muscle building program in this program you need a high protein diet you need 1.6 to 2 gram protein per day multiply with your body weight for example you have 70kg bodyweight so just multiply with70x2=140 this requirement if you are on fat loss or muscle build.


FISH 100 gram salmon fish contains 26 gram protein
CHICKEN 100 gram contains 23 gram protein
BEEF 100 gram beef contains 20 gram protein
EGGS 6 gram protein per egg
NUTS 3 gram half ounce
CHEESE 14 gram in half cup
YOGURT 23 gram protein per cup
BEANS (chickpeas) 16 gram per cup
COTTAGE CHEESE 14 gram half cup
CHIA SEED 3 gram per tablespoon

QUINOA SEED 8 gram per cup
PEANUT BUTTER 4 gram protein per tablespoon
EGGS 6 gram protein in 1 egg
NUTS 3 gram half ounce

Hence, this is the importance of protein in a healthy lifestyle.

In a simple form WHEY protein is a source of protein made up of all kind of dairy products like cheese milk eggs etc.
There are four types of whey protein.
? Whey protein concentrate
? Whey protein Isolate
? Whey protein hydrolyzed
? Casein

Whey protein is concentrate is a blend form in which isolate hydrolyzed and sometimes casein is present in it. Its absorption rate is 1 hour depend upon your body metabolism rate.
Its beneficial for all fitness lovers and if you are a beginner and if you are just join a gym and you want to gain some muscle so you go for whey protein concentrate and if you are too skinny then go for some mass gainers and increase your carbs intake too.
Whey protein isolate is further refined form with less carbs and sugar also lactose and gluten free. Its absorption rate is too high 30 to 40 minutes.
It’s beneficial for those who want to gain some lean muscle mass and if you are following fat loss program then this is very good for you.
Also for those who have digestion problem then this is also good for you. If you are beginner and you have some digestion problem so you can also use it.

Whey protein hydrolyzed is bestest form in which amino are present in small chains and further refined form from isolate, also lactose gluten free and fastest digestive protein in the market. Absorption rate is
high then all the proteins 25 to 35 min depends upon your body.

Beneficial for all hard lean muscle gainers and if you are following fat loss program then this is the best option you have. Best time to use after workout one scoop and if your diet is not too good then use one more scoop in lunch.

Casein protein is slow digestive protein its absorption rate is 7 to 8 hours.
This is beneficial for all hard muscle gainer and if you are on fat loss or muscle building program this will help you to recover muscle in the night when you are on sleep this protein recover your muscle. Best time to use in the night.
As you know in the busy lifestyle we don’t have time to fulfill our protein intake so we buy whey protein from supplement store to achieve our fitness goals like muscle building or fat loss.
Whey protein is easy to use just 1 scoop of whey protein give you 20 to 25 gram protein. Mix one scoop with water or a milk in a shaker and just drink it.
So just one scoop of whey protein give you 20 to 25 gram protein and some blends like nitrotech give you 30 grams protein don’t use protein 2 scoop at the same time cause body waste extra protein. In one time your body just absorb 30 to 35 gram protein. So don’t use 2 scoop at the same time and save your money.
So these all are the important information about major protein which helps you in muscle building by reading this you have an enough knowledge to proceed your fitness journey and achieve your goals in
fitness related to protein.

Sample Job Application for Poultry Nutrition Technical Expert

Here are easy templates of Poultry nutrition expert jobs. Searchers can be used these formats according to requirement.

Sample Job Application for Poultry Nutrition Technical Expert

Mr. Manager,
Atom and Sundry System,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Requesting job for poultry nutrition technical expert

Respected Sir,

Greetings! I am Ms. Loren Layman. I had earned a degree of Masters in Nutrition. I had come to know about the vacancy of poultry nutrition technical experts via newspaper in which it was demanded that this reputed company is in need of an expert who has at least 5 years’ experience in managing the technical issues of the poultry section. I had worked in various sections of poultry ranging from their food to cleanliness. In simpler words you can coin me as an expert deeming the work quality and the rich experience of mine. I hope you will look at my curriculum vitae and consider me fit for the job. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Loren Layman,
27th February, 2019.

Sample Cover Letter for Poultry Nutrition Expert


Mr. Regional Head,
Amin and Sundry System,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Cover letter for poultry nutrition technical expert

Respected Sir,

Good day! It is to state with much admiration that I am Mr. Marin Layman and an expert in poultry nutrition. The expertise that I hold is in the placement and planning of food, separate compartments, quality and duration of feed. I am punctual, hardworking and a passionate worker as you can see pile of my achievement and appreciation awards and certificates. With this cover letter I am sending you the photographs of my excellent work and I hope you would hire me for this job. I hope you will also love my work. Thank you and looking forward for a generous and prompt action.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Marin Layman,
27th February, 2019.

Job Application for Health Consultant

Sample Letter format of job application for Health Consultant. Health is wealth is an old golden saying that befits to this day as well. Persons who wish to charm the area of health with their consultancy can use this template.

Job Application for Health Consultant

The Manager,
Human Resource Department,
Lively Care Hospital,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request for Health Consultant Job

Respected Sir,

I am a final year Smith Medical School student engrossed in interviewing for a full-time Health Consultant position with your prestigious Consulting cluster.I believe that the Consulting cluster has the idyllic ethnicity in which to chase my
goal of becoming an ardent health consultant.

My professional experience and Smith Medical School education train me to be victorious at the Consulting cluster. Leading a high-level venture to enlarge a Health Industry as a new media industry for Television Networks Europe will give me priceless global learning experience. My desire to heal the people all around the world will soon be prized if I get this golden chance.

While at DBF Consulting as a consultant, managing global information regarding various health projects gave me experience in the consultative and client service loom. I have the flexibility in both verbal communication and culture to function successfully in many diverse contexts.

Finally, as a writer and creator of my own book on health as wealth, I have developed the capacity to think ingeniously and entrepreneurially. I resolutely believe that I will be a good fit in the Consulting cluster mutual,entrepreneurial, and cerebral culture. I am wound up at the prospect of functioning for The Lively Care Consulting Cluster upon graduation. I have enclosed my resume for your kind review. Thank you for your time and contemplation. I am looking forward for a favourable and positive response from your side.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Etna Gale
1 st March, 2017

Job Application Letter for Nutritionist/Dietitian

 Sample job application letter for nutritionist, for people who want to apply for the post of dietitian or nutritionist having related qualification or diploma. Template of cover letter for nutritionist. Can be used to apply in school or college as a nutrition teacher or in any organization for health officer. Alternations can be done as per requirements. Sample application for the Post of nutritionist, for people who want to apply for the post of dietitian or nutritionist having related qualification or diploma. Template of cover letter for nutritionist. 

Cover Letter For Dietitian/Nutritionist Sample

The ______ (designation),
Company _________.

Subject: Application for the post of nutritionist

Dear Sir,

I saw your advertisement in the newspaper ______ on _______ date. I want to express my interest for the position of nutritionist vacant in your organization. It attracted me as I am doing well in the same field.The requirements of yours are a perfect match for my skills and capabilities. I have recently completed my Masters degree in (Nutrition and dietetics) from ______ (Institution) and  holding a short term diploma of health science.

Currently I am working as a dietitian in ________ (organization) and I am particularly responsible for helping people make health-conscious. My experience includes assessing clients and then planning, developing and directing nutritional care activities for them. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping people achieve their health at peak. I am highly concerned about my work, apart from this I consider health care as my obligation. You will find me considerate and sincere towards my work.

At personal level I am also concerned with a academy guiding and counselling people for their health care. I further wish to join hands with organization like yours to motivate and guide people and make them able to achieve their aim to get physically fit.

My resume is enclosed which will elaborate my personality, education, working experience and gained diplomas further, I would be a marvelous chance for me to be considered against the respective post.

I shall be looking forward a pleasing response.

Yours sincerely,


Sample Letter Format for job application for Nutritionist. Profession that is soaring higher and higher is the profession of nutritionist nowadays as people are now getting scared of doctors and that fear compels them to take care of themselves by taking proper and adequate diet. This format letter is a great help for persons who wish to apply for the said job.

Sample Job Application of Nutritionist

The Head of Board,
HealthCare Clinic System
California, United States of America.

Subject: Job application for Nutritionist

Respected Sir,
I am vigorous, highly aggravated, and animated and MSC experienced, looking for a challenging description to work earnestly, to augment my abilities, skills and potentials in a learning environment. Currently I am working in Birch Tree Hospital as Nutritionist. I came to be acquainted with about your training session extending towards the job. Kindly give me the prospect to work in your well alleged working organization. I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for your kind review. I shall be very appreciative to you if you consider me as soon as possible.
Yours Truly,
Ms. Mistral Stone

Nutritionist Cover Letter Example

Shayna Booker

City, State, Zip Code

Home : 000-000-0000 Cell: 000-000-0000


Dear Ms. Jackson,

After having recently completed my internship I was excited to learn of the available Nutritionist position at Company Name. My adviser strongly encouraged me to contact you immediately as he believes I would make an excellent fit. I have now completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition which included the one year internship at Golden Acres Nursing Home.

While working as a nutritionist I carefully assessed and planned diets based on individual nutritional needs. I collaborated together with other staff who advised me of various conditions individuals had and using that information I tailored meals accordingly. I was able to put into practice my extensive knowledge of nutrition to effect maximum health benefits.In addition to a good understanding of food-choice related health outcomes my philosophy as a nutritionist is that healthy choices can also be good-tasting ones. I enjoy teaching others about food and about how to make the correct decisions. At the same time I plan meals that are visually stunning while also tasteful.

I believe I would be great in the Nutritionist position at Company Name. I encourage you to contact my references review my resume and call me for an interview. I can be reached at 000-000-0000.


Shayna Booker

Nutritionist Cover Letter Example and Template for 2023

Patricia Stevens
773-555-0100 | p.stevens@email.com | San Antonio, TX
March 31, 2022

Dear hiring manager,

My name is Patricia Stevens, and I was thrilled to see the available Nutritionist position at Crane & Wright Health Services. I believe my 12 years of nutrition experience and a graduate degree in nutrition can have a positive impact on the company and the community. In my previous role as a Nutritionist, I served over 100 clients and increased client satisfaction by 35% over the span of three years.

I served as a Nutritionist with Tennent Health Industries for eight years where I was responsible for assessing client nutritional needs, providing counseling services to encourage healthy eating habits and developing custom nutrition and meal plans to help clients achieve their health and nutrition goals. My dedication to helping others achieve their health goals encouraged me to create an educational program that helped over 300 company clients further understand the importance of nutrition and healthy eating.

I believe my nutrition expertise, customer service and empathy skills can help Crane & Wright Health Services expand their nutrition program and improve the wellness of the community. Thank you for taking the time to review my letter and the attached resume reviewing my qualifications for this role. If you have any questions or want to further discuss my experience, please feel free to contact me via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Patricia Stevens