Healthy and Sustainable Eating Pattern

The Principles of Healthy and Sustainable Eating Pattern

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Human Beings are created in a very composed and organized way. Everything is related to each other…..receptors and motors are functioning all over the body. Brain, being the remote control of the entire body, checks and maintains the balances in the organs, tissues and muscles. Human body is comprised of oxygen, calcium, iron, phosphorous nitrogen and carbon.

Human always wanted to stay healthy and look beautiful as well. In this struggle of getting healthy and looking beautiful, they bring changes in their lifestyles and eating patterns. The sole purpose is to acquire the beautiful and healthy body.

Its brain that is the leader, but most of the time, the heart and stomach functioning disturbs the nervous system of the brain that leads to poor health of overall body. In order to keep the brain in its best health condition, heart and stomach must be at ease. The question do arise…

Human beings being aesthetical creature love to look splendid and attractive to eyes. Many people mistook diet as keeping oneself hungry. Many believe in starving their body just to shed off the extra weight of their body.

They do give way to exercise and yoga too. Spending too much money on getting appointments from dieticians, nutritionists and doctors. Purchasing weighing scale, BMI scales, what or what not!

After getting every plan, every required prescribed food items, with all might and passion they jump enthusiastically in diet program or training program or yoga classes or exercising at home or gym. Unfortunately, with this speed and mind set, they normally crashes down in a week or two. Now why this is happening with 98% of people? Why they fail to get what they want? Why they can’t follow the diet or training program, which they had worked so hard for and paid money for multiple times? Why?

The answer is very simple. It’s un-natural. Yes, the diet patterns or training programs are not related or go along with our lifestyles. How can we cook when on job? How can we take thirty minute break in each meal as a gap? How can we simply wake up and start our day with juices and yoga when the time to reach our workplaces is getting tight? These are few of the reasons why we fail.

The simple way to keep ourselves healthy is to adopt the way that is suitable for us and is matched with our working upheavals. Few of the scenarios and eating pattern are shared below:

  • For working women, time is the biggest problem. They had to rush to their jobs after setting their homes, kids or other family members. The routine is hectic so they must be tired and wants to get sleep. The key element in this situation is the management. Follow the following steps:
  • Prepare snacks and nutty balls over the weekends for a week.
  • Refrigerate it in any air tight container, do not go for freezer as it would be difficult to defrost it in the calculated morning time.
  • While preparing the breakfast for others, prepare just one medium sized tortilla and keep half of it for lunch with whatever curry/kebab you want. Do not opt for bread, regularly as it is processed and stays in the stomach undigested, most of the time.
  • Take fruits with you, keep vacuum flask/ bottle with you and keep hot/cold water (each according to the season) with you. Pour one tablespoon of honey in the water as it would act as a diet also.
  • Start taking your lunch with fruits first, then eat the remaining half of the tortilla and kebab. Do not sip water before or after the food, at least for thirty minutes.
  • Finish the water till 1 if you are working in any 9-5:00pm job then take two bottles with you and finish them till 5.
  • In the evening before 9:00 pm take half tortilla with any curry/egg etc. Enjoy your tea whether green or black and put your body to rest for another beautiful morning. It would be hard at the first, but within a week you would get used to it. This eating pattern is practical, tested and tried.
  • If you are a home-maker, then you can crack down any time that is suitable for you, mostly the noon and supper time are free slots for you people. Just follow the steps:
  • Wake up half an hour early and chew on something calcium rich, let’s say sesame seeds clubbed with powdered almond and fennel seeds.
  • Prepare breakfast for others, help them in getting ready and see off them to their work or study places. In complete tranquility, enjoy your breakfast, medium sized tortilla with any curry clubbed with salads.
  • Before preparing the lunch, eat some fruits and go ahead.
  • Take the prepared meal with your kids/ other family members.
  • Engage yourself with children and eat something healthy.
  • Take green tea/ lemon grass tea or black tea.
  • Put yourself to rest around 9:00 to 10:00 pm, as everybody needs you for another beautiful morning.
  • Don’t ignore your health. Eat only healthy food items do not go for canned items or left over morsels!

Note:  Whatever or wherever you are, always choose the eating pattern that is less time taking, easily manageable and always eat in chunks. Going for hi fi eating patterns will lead to frustration and obesity as you will get short of time and energy.

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