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Request Letter for NOC to Change PhD Guide 

Sample request letter for No Objection Certificate to change in the PhD guide by student. PhD is considered as the highest of education or the completion of one’s educational career, but lack of proper guidance can cost trouble to students of doctorate and to overcome this on the spot changes in guide for PhD is necessary. This format can be used by persons who wished to throw request for change in the guide to PhD.


Request Letter for NOC to Change in the PhD Guide

The Dean,
Ghazia Abad Higher Education University
Ghazia Abad, India.

Subject: Request of NOC Letter to change in the PhD guide by

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much concern and care that I have done my M.Phil.in English Literature and after its successful completion with distinction of 4.3 GPA I decided to take admission in PhD so that I can complete my education and serve the nation with all my might of knowledge and intellect.

As it is known fact that languages are always difficult to learn especially when it is not your own language. Same is the case with English and I was happy with my research topic as mandatory in thesis, but the slight deviation in the guide to PhD causes me trouble as I am unable to meet up the expectations of my present guide for PhD. In order to get myself out of this problem I request you to kindly issue me an NOC letter to change the PhD guide.
I need the said NOC letter as soon as possible because on that piece of precious letter rests my future and by having it I can pursue the case to further completion. I will be brimmed with gratification if you resolve my problem at the earliest. Thanking in advance.
Yours Truly,
Mr. Sanaullah Jaffrey,
10 th August, 2017.


Application of NOC for making Health Care Centre

Sample Application of NOC for making Health Care Information Centre in Society. Serving humanity is the key word in almost every religion ranging from Buddhism to Islam. All religion preaches the love, fraternity and brotherhood in the followers. Health care information cell is nowadays the most needed thing in any city or country. Its demand is more perfectly reasonable in the remote areas where education and awareness is not sufficient, but one must undergo the legal procedures of NOC in order to establish it. Such letters are helpful to those who believe in serving the humanity.

Sample Application of NOC for making Health Care Centre

Union Council,
Baghla Pur, India.

Subject: Application for NOC for making Health Care Information Centre in Society

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that my name is Mr. Karajan Ram and I recently came back to my native land named Baghla Pur, a remote area in India. I went to America for higher education and I can have the opportunity to settle myself there, but my love for my country restricted me from doing so.I came back and to my horror fifty per cent population was maligned with Dengue fever and they had no idea of it! I decided to open Health Care Information Cell in the vicinity so that I can better guide my people with the guidelines of my doctor friends and health care physicians. For this noble cause I
want your help in shape of issuing me the NOC.

I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for further speedy and favourable action. I hope you will consider my views and my pain for my people who are subject to death just because they are unaware. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Karajan Ram.
10 th December, 2016.

Application for NOC

Sample Application for NOC letter format. If someone wants to get No Objection Certificate he/she has to write an application or request letter to issue NOC. Mention the reason for which you need NOC. NOC is required for higher admissions, events, part time jobs and travel purposes. Templates are given below.

Sample Application for NOC

The Dean,
LUMS University, Lahore.

Subject: Application for No Objection Certificate

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I am Saad Ali and I took admission in your prestigious university in MS. Program. My registration number is R-9000. Sir I want to inform that my father is a Government Employee and he has recently got orders of transfer to another city.

My entire family is shifting to Islamabad. For this reason I cannot stay in this city and therefore, I have to shift my institution as well. I request you to please issue my No Objection Certificate to study in another university. I shall be highly obliged in this regard.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours Obediently,

Saad Ali
Reg. number: R-9000.

No Objection Certificate for Current job As Per Demand

The Manager,
The Tulips Inn.

Subject: No Objection Certificate for Current job

With high level of esteem and honour I am Mr. Tureen Singhania and I am working in the Tulips Inn from the past one year. I was appointed after the conduction of the complete and thorough selection procedure by the board of governors but up till now the seat on which I am currently working is on probation level. I am still not confirmed as the permanent employee on the seat by the administrative body.

I am mentally disturbed on this issue and wanted to get it solved as soon as possible and for that reason my office is demanding a No Objection Certificate from the Human Resource Department as a formality to be fulfilled before issuing me the credit of permanent/appointment letter on the seat on which I am currently working. Kindly issue me the said letter so that I may get myself out of this scenario. Thank You.

Yours Truly,
Tureen Singhania
October 1. 2015

Application for NOC due to Australia Visit Visa(for Teachers)

The Principal,
The Nation School System.
Bombay, India

Subject: No Objection Certificate for tour to Australia

With due respect it is to state in high words that I had applied for a job in Australia and luckily I got an opportunity to teach there on merit and now I wanted to move to Australia for one year on the contract based job. The job in Australia had certain terms and conditions which are prerequisite and on the fulfillment of those I would be given the said job by them.

One of the condition was to have a No Objection Certificate by the school for proper and legal procedure. Kindly issue me the required document and after one year of the rich teaching experience in Australia I will serve my school by next year. I will be grateful for your kind consideration.

Yours Truly,
Pooja Singhania
October 1. 2015

NOC Issuance Application for Teachers

The Principal,
Aligarh Public School,
Gulberg Lahore.

Respected Sir,

Humbly stated that, I have got an offer of teaching from an institute. They are paying me more than that I am getting here. I had worked here for two years and now I have got a chance to move on. I had completed all my course of this session and now I want to resign from the job. My job is confirmed there as I accepted the offer.

The institute where I have to join asked me for a NOC that should be issued from the school where I am teaching. So I request you to issue me a NOC so that I can provide it to the institute and all other matters should be resolved. I will be pleased if my NOC can be made as soon as possible. I will be very thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Shumaila.

Application of NOC for Higher Studies and Government Job

The Police Headquarter,

Subject: Request to Issue NOC for Higher Studies

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I am James Green working as police constable in your esteemed organization since one years. I am hardworking person along and possess good skills. Sir, this is to inform you that I am going to continue my higher studies as it is the need of hour to study and be at a good designation and utilize my skills efficiently.

Sir, I will be requiring No Objection Certificate from your side showing that you ave completely no objection upon my higher studies ans if I apply for any other Government job. As, I consider to look for better opportunity is the right of every person. I hope you will definitely consider my request. I shall be obliged in this regard.

Thanking you I remain.


James Green.
Police Constable.

Request Letter for NOC

The Principal,
Star School System, Lahore.

Subject: Request Letter for NOC

Dear Madam,

Hope to find you in a good health. I am Mrs. Adina, serving this institution as a Mathematics Teacher. It is to inform you that I have applied in a private academy as a Mathematics Teacher in evening.

For this purpose, I need No Objection Certificate upon this part time job of mine. I hope you will consider my request as soon as possible. I shall be highly obliged.

Thanking You,


Mrs. Adina.
Contact: 000-999-888

Application to Issue NOC

The Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, UK.

Subject: Application to Issue NOC for Bank

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I have to create a bank account for my salary deposit in Standard Chartered Bank. For this purpose I require No Objection Certificate by Management of Company. I hope you will consider upon my request soon.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,
John Green.

Application to Issue NO
Application to Issue NO

Application for NOC for Abroad Studies Completion

The Manager,
Teins Private Limited,

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that I am a member of this company from the last three years and I am working as a supervisor. I was given job on the base of my bachelor in medical studies. I was trying to go abroad to complete my masters from the last two years on the base of scholarship. Now I have got an offer to study abroad to complete my masters. I want to avail this offer.

The only difficulty is that I don’t want to resign from my job. I request you to issue me a NOC in which I am authorized to go abroad and complete my studies on leave. A period of one year is required to complete my studies. By completing my masters I will be able to provide better ideas for the betterment of the company. I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Truly,
Muhammad Ali.

Easy Format  of  No Objection Certificate

The Housing Company,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Request for NOC

Respected Sir,

I have been an employee in your company for the last fifteen years. My service has been exceptional and I have frequently been praised for achieving all the targets in due time. I have applied for a leave for a few days to travel to Malaysia and I have been granted my request. While applying for the visa however I came to know of another requirement, the No Objection Certificate to be issued by the company where I am employed. I request you to please issue the certificate in my name so that I can proceed with the visa application. I assure you that as a conscientious employee I will not take advantage of the situation and prolong my stay, I shall return on the stated date and my loyalty to your company shall not change.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Prakash Chand
12th October, 2017.

Sample letter format of issuance of No Objection certificate from
the institute for RN post. This format is for those persons who
wish to avail NOC from their respective working or educational

Sample Issuance Letter for No Objection Certificate from the Institute

The Dean,
Pakistan Institute of Medical complex,
Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: Requesting issuance of No Objection certificate from
the institute for RN post

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour, it is to state that I have completed my graduation degree in Nursing and got the certification as well. The reason behind the completion of graduation degree is the registration for the post of registered nurse. I have cleared the interview and the written test regarding the post, but they are demanding No Objection Certificate from the respective educational institution which have awarded the degree so I request you to kindly issue the NOC in my favour and make me grateful. Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely,

19th March, 2019.