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Sample Request Letter for Death Grant by Wife

Sample Request Letter for Death Grant by the Wife. Deaths are the hardest reality of human history and extremely difficult to digest, but there is mortality to each mortal and is inevitable! Deaths can never be compensated as human loss is dear, but it is also reality, on the other hand, that no one die with the dead ones and they somehow struggle to survive and grants are good source of living for the grieved family. This format can be used by the widows.

Sample Request Letter for Death Grant by Wife

The Manager,
Alluding Steel Mills Limited,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting death grant of husband by the wife

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much humility and care that I am Ms. Liza Tom. Widow of Mr. Joe Tom, who was your employee from the last twenty years. He was in charge of the packaging department where chemicals are also stored and in the post mortem report, it was obvious that his death was caused by concentrated Hydro Caloric Acid which was not allowed to keep in the working area! I know it was an accident, but I am left alone with 3 kids and I am not a working woman as well. I am currently in hand to mouth situation and couldn’t think of finding any job for earning and raising my children, but of asking you to please grant me the death grant of my husband and show some pity on us. I will be brimmed with gratification if you conclude the whole process in ten days as my eldest son’s fee is coming fast and I have to pay his fee. Kindly escalate the process as soon as possible and I will be praying for you for the rest of my life. Thank you.
Yours Sincerely,

Ms. Liza Tom,
6 th April, 2018.

Sample Leave Application on Account of Death

Sample leave application by the wife on death of husband due to any reason. Leave application by the husband on death of wife due to illness, accident or any other reason. Sample Leave Application on Account of Death. Leave Application due to Death of Husband.

Sample Leave Application on Account of Death

The Principal,
Stanley’s Kindergarten,
Georgia, USA.

Subject: Leave application due to husband’s death

Respected Sir,

It is with great sorrow that I inform you that I have lost my husband to a car accident and will be unable to attend to my duties at school for the coming days. It is an unmatched personal loss for me, although our children are adults now and can manage their own lives yet he was my companion and I do not know what course my life will now take. It is impossible for me to make sense of things at the moment.

I am unable to take care of myself or think logically far more take care of the wards of others. I shall be grateful if you grant me leave out of compassion so that I can restore a little order in my currently
chaotic life. I shall rejoin as soon as I can.

Yours Truly,
5 th June, 2014.

Leave Application due to Wife’s Death

Human Resource Manager,
New Electronics,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Leave application due to wife’s death

Respected Sir,

It is with great sorrow that I inform you that I have lost my wife of seven years to breast cancer. We have three children together and it is a desperate and bewildering time for me. I am unable to cope with
the situation. Her sickness had eaten away at our happiness these past two years.

During all those surgeries and chemotherapies we still had a silver lining, but last month the doctors informed us that we should be prepared for the worst. My children and I are in a process of bereavement and will need time to recover. I do not know how long it will take me to make requisite arrangements and recover from this melancholy state. It would be a great relief if you grant me a month off so that I can put my house in order.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Mathews Green.
19 th September, 2016.

Condolence Letter due to Husband’s Death

Sample Condolence Letter due to Husband’s death. Deaths are natural phenomena. A sudden and shocking natural disaster but it is attached to every living thing so to say. The factor cannot be denied an in order to boast up little courage for the survivors condolences/sympathies play a very vital role. Such letter format can be used by companies or institute who want to pay their responsibility towards this sad happening for good report.

Sample Condolence Letter due to Husband’s Death

Ms. Desdemona Jones,
Liberal Public Mass Line,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Condolence Letter due to Husband’s death

Hello Ms. Desdemona Jones,

We hope a good bodily health on your part. You are a well-cultured and dutiful personnel of our organization created for social cause. Your husband Mr. Coleridge Jones was an active member of ours too. You as husband and wife served this platform to the best of your known abilities and left no stone unturned. He was of very affable and jolly natured person. He was blessed with good sense of humour and had marvelous relations with his fellow beings. He had the capacity to make friends in a very few time, that was indeed rare to be seen.

We are grieved to learn the sad news of your husband’s demise due to heart attack. It was a shocking news for us that such a jewel had lost his glow of life and went to other world in so smooth a way. Do not think yourself alone and helpless.

We cannot bring him back or in by no mean able to replace him but we assure you that we will stand with you in thin and thick of life. Accept our bleeding feelings and try to return to life.

Yours Truly,
The Chairperson.

 Condolence Letter due to Husband’s Death
Condolence Letter due to Husband’s Death