Sample Request Letter for Journalist Visa

Sample letter of requesting journalist visa letter. Journalism is a good field or can be coined as path of truth and value, but only if taken with seriousness and dedication as it has the power to transform or deface any personality or his/her career. This format can be an aid for those who wish to get themselves employed in the foreign country and disseminate their services there.

Sample Request Letter for Journalist Visa

The Editor,
Allied Aster Voice of Truth Papers,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting journalist visa letter

Respected Sir,

Greetings! Have a good day ahead sir. I am Joe Jackson, senior crime reporter. You are the only person who knew what I was and what are my basic traits and innate no doubt. I am an ardent lover of news and a dedicated detective of the crimes and the circumstances that lead the person to attain the status of criminal or offender! I do not believe in manipulation and turning the half lie into full truth! I strongly dislike mixed truth as it defaced the whole situation and also break the trust level of the people or the reader.

In my consideration of duties, the high ups had decided to post me in other state of America, but the only difficulty is the visa issue as the department wanted an NOC letter for issuing the visa to me. Kindly it is my request to you to please give me the letter that is proving the hindrance in my passion. I want to work there as journalist specialized in crime reporting’s. I hope you understand my excitement and will issue me the visa letter with NOC as soon as possible. I will be brimmed with gratification on your timely cooperation. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Joe Jackson,
20 th May, 2018.

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