Request Letter for Discount Coupon from Company

Sample letter format of request from an old employee to get discount coupon from the company. Discounts are blessing for the employees as they ease out the certain needs of them at the right time. Discount coupons are applicable on the employees who served the company more than ten years! And can be given upon request to employer. This format is one such help.

Request Letter for Discount Coupon from Company

The Chairman,
Dena Nash Automobile Company,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Request from an old employee to get discount coupon from the company

Respected sir,

Good day! How are you? I hope you will be fit and fine in this age of inflation and selfishness! Please be informed that I am Mr. Jackson Joe, and working here as Head of Human Resource Department. You know that all major set-ups are mere wastage of time without this department. We are here to serve and in return, want to be served as well. The service that can be rendered by you is to issue us discount coupon on petrol and maintenance. As far as I know the rules and regulation, all the employees (who had served the company more than six years) of varied departments are liable to have the discount coupon.

This coupon will help people like us to greater extent. Many of our expenses and expenditure will be saved for our children or other needs that crack out from seemingly from nowhere. It is my request on the behalf of my all age mates and colleagues who are fit for the coupon, should be granted with one discount coupon. Thank you for your valued time, patience and kind attention.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jackson Joe,
10 th May, 2018.

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