Incorrect Visa Fees Refund sample

These sample formats for the people who applied for visa. It could be any person job holder or house hold person and their visa fees is incorrect. These are request letters for refund visa fees.

Incorrect Visa Fees Refund Letter Sample





Dear Sir,

This letter is written to officials. As I have submitted my visa fees for the visa of Canada. I just came to know that my visa has been rejected due to some issues so it is my kind request to you to please refund me my visa fees. I applied visa to meet my sister who is settled in Canada but as I did not fall onto the right criteria, they rejected my visa. I submitted my visa fee refund application before but only 25% of the fees I received from the administration. It is my request to you to please look into the matter carefully and refund my visa fees. I believe that there has been some kind of error in the system because visa fees are never given in installments. I contacted with some of my friends which stated that it never happened to them so kindly refund the fees.

Thanking You in anticipation.



Request to Refund Incorrect Visa Fees

Respected Sir,

As it has been stipulated that I will be receiving 75% of my visa fees refund, there has been some kind of miscalculation in your system as I received only 50% of the visa fees. I assume that it doesn’t follow any kind of obligation of your rules so there must be some kind of error which just paid me 50% of my visa fees refund. Nonetheless, it would be very sincere and nice of you to look into this matter and check the faulty error occurred and reimburse my money. My visa was not applied yet so it is impossible to not get refund back. I would have understood if only service charges were emitted but there is an issue all over in my full visa fees. I want you to check my all documents that are verified and gives the proof that my visa was not yet applied. I would appreciate if you resolve my issue and help me out in this matter as early as possible.

Thanking you in advance.



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