Memo to Implement Company Rules for Internet Usage

These sample memorandum are written for office workers by high authorities of the company. Company has written this memo to implement new rules for internet usage.

Memo to Implement Company Rules for Internet Usage

Admin Staff Members,

This memorandum is written to inform all the employees about new rules of Company regarding Internet usage in the facility. In the company, we provide free access to internet to the employees because of engaging more productivity and using it for work-related activities. Recently, some activities are taken into account of employees which is strictly prohibited in the premises of the company. We have provided this facility so the company data is save in secret folders just accessible to the management and administration but some people have tried to break these certain laws. We are going to take action against those employees and also going to revise and renew the internet usage policy in company. Only confidential data of company is going to be accessible on the free internet. There should be confined use of internet and no social media usage is allowed.

HR Head

Employee Internet Usage Policy Memorandum

Staff Members,

As this information has come into our knowledge that employees are very un-professional while using internet in the company and most of them are trafficking the internet by opening certain malicious browsers on the web of company computers. Please read the attached file, in which it is mentioned that usage of internet is limited and employees are not allowed to open any un-official browser on the company computer. Internet is valuable business tool which we intend to be limited just to the business work. We have decided that we are going to put some restricted sites on your web which are your job related so only that will function in your computer set. Internet will only be accessible when reasonable professional work needs are identified. We will scan each employee’s work responsibilities and questions would be asked if unrelated browsers has opened in his computer set during work hours.

Human Resource Department

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