Letter Asking to Correct Property tax

These sample letters are written for the tax collector to write right amount of property tax amount in the form. They have been asked to pay increase amount of property tax without any prior notice so that is why residents write such letters.

Letter Asking to Correct Property Tax


The Tax Department.


I am writing this appeal letter as a regular tax payer to please go through or review the property tax again in the letter you have sent me. I am living in this housing area for five years now and I have vigilantly paid my taxes but this time the tax amount is higher than it usually is. I want you to please review the policy again. There has been increase of $5,000 in the property tax, which is clearly not possible for any common man to afford. This value is more than person income. I assumed that there must be some misunderstanding as property tax can never get this much high. I would appreciate if you make the right amendments in the letter and also in the system so I can pay the actual amount of tax on time. I have also tried to call the head department but my calls were not answered.



CNIC No:——————


Example Letter Asking to Correct Property Tax


The Excise &Taxation Department.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter in the subject of property tax. Recently, I received tax notice in which the amount is changed to $179,000. There must be some mistake because I have not received any letter on change in the property tax. Therefore, it is my kind request to you to please check the agreement in which it is clearly stipulated that if there would be increase in property tax, the tax payer would be told before 2 months. I am attaching the appraisal with this letter. Please send me further information and I will appreciate if you make necessary amendments on the document. Please send me official documents of the tax increment so I can look into the matter myself. You can call me on my phone or contact me on my e-mail for discussing this matter with me. I shall wait for your call.

Truly Yours,


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