Bonus Request Letter to Boss

Bonus Request Letter to Boss.Talking about bonus with the boss is never easy, and at some times it is not appropriate. Yet to ensure you get what you deserve you need to communicate it through proper channel. Following is the request letter for bonus demand.

Bonus Request Letter to Boss

The HR Department,
Food Authorities

Subject: Bonus request Letter to boss

Dear Sir,

I am happy and delighted that I have demonstrated the presentation to our stake holder and they are satisfied in investing in our project of launching a new fruit drink for our valued customers. I have complete trust on your evaluation and on your words, but still I don’t want to go my efforts and work unnoticed from your side. As you promised if I got financier for our new product you would give me a 30 percentage bonus in advance.
Honestly, I was expecting the bonus with the salary of this month. Unfortunately, I have not received it, so I found it right to communicate it with you. it really very mean to me if I would be rewarded on my dedications and efforts by my boss. You know it was very hard to convince the stake holders at that time.
I am expecting that you would take the notice of my letter and not only find out the reason why I did not receive my amount of bonus or make sure I would receive it now timely. I am willing to give you more and more benefits to your company through my efforts. If you have any query, need any documents or other details regarding that product, please feel free to ask and contact me through phone or via email. My contact number is 00988776. I will be waiting for your reply. Thanking and anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Jelly Nark
Project Manager

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