Request Letter to Hire More Trained Staff

Request Letter to Hire More Trained Staff. Process of any company depends upon the quality work of their trained staff members following is the request letter to higher authorities to hire/procure more trained staff for the department.

Request Letter to Hire More Trained Staff

Homily director
Mrs. Billson Kate
Electronic Department

Subject: Request Letter to hire more trained staff

Dear Madam!

Madam with the passage of time our department is running successfully, people are again started to trust our products after a very long period of time. I am pleased that you have given me an opportunity to bring out the company from this crisis. Now company has started to recover his losses, in fact it is financially strong enough to bear all expenses of company.
In this crucial time it is very important to hire some new trained staff for the progress of company. Trained and fresh staff would increase our productivity as supply rate is very in market according to its demand. We also need some trained marketing advisors. Hiring them can make our graph of success more high and we can stable our position in the market. If the progress will continue than, that time is no so far when we would easily compete the market of spare parts of electronics.
Kindly go throw the details of progress of last three months in detail, than make any decision. But I am waiting for your positive reply because if we did not take decision at this time than company will suffer the different crisis once again. Right decision at right time is need of hour. I am sending you the list of staff which I need at this time, their educational background, experiences and other training and professional skills are also mention in it. I also want you to arrange a meeting for this, so I can present the details graphically, it would clear the things for all of us. Thanking and anticipation.

Best Regards,

Mr. John
Head of Administration Affairs

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