Psychological Assessment Letter for Child to Parents

Psychological Assessment Letter for Child to Parents. Schools are place where people send their children to get education, adequate, moral values and norms and tradition according to society. The discipline shapes the personality of children. The experts in school may refer the kids to certain assessments if they found something noticeable. Following is the written format how to send the psychological assessment news to parents.

Psychological Assessment Letter for Child to Parents

Mrs. Julia
City New York

Subject: Psychological Assessment letter for child to parents

Dear Madam,

Hopefully, you are fine and enjoying good health. I, Mr. Marta, your child senior teacher writing this letter to you to inform certain important behavior problems about your child notice during school timings. I am teaching your child from last one year. During this duration I have found that your child is suffering from hyper attention deficit problem. It is really very hard for him to concentrate on any task given to him. He failed to maintain on seat for minimum 10 min in the class. Due to such behaviors his education is suffering and he gets poor grades in exams. So, it is strongly recommended to you to visit the clinical psychologist for his proper formal psychological assessment. This assessment would help you understanding the reasons of his behaviors and you would also get the management accordingly. This would also guide us how we can improve his academic grades as well with his behavior problems.
I must say, don’t take this to heart, timely treated is good than to be known nothing about problems. So take it positively and share this assessment reports with school management for his individual educational program. Remember! We would always be here to help you, guide you and do whatever we can do for you according to our school systems. All the best! You son is very cute and it was very good experience to work with him.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Marta
Date: 23.06.18

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