Sample Reply Letter from Online Store

Sample reply letter format from online store. Answering and satisfying the customer by replying to their answers is healthy business and this is an aid for the online administration to use such format.

Sample Reply Letter from Online Store

Ms. Laara Claara,
East Avenue, Lane 36,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Reply on complaint from online store

Dear Signora,

I am the Admin of the sell and purchase department of this online store. I had received a long letter along with a parcel indicating words weeping with complaints and shattered hopes and dreams. I am very well aware of the mind state from which you suffered when you saw the beasty parcel and in your amazement you opened and then dropped it on the floor, gave me a clear insight of your mental condition.

I had called the Quality checking department and put the parcel in front of his eyes. The person in charge had no words to utter in front of me that proved that he did it intentionally and it was not by mistake. Our motto is very clear that WE ARE FOR THE CUSTOMERS! , so I fired the person then and there. The suit was really in shaggy and I would say it was all rugs! It might have de-glorified you if you had put it on your precious self.

I extend a sorry rooting deep from my heart. I never want to lose a customer like you who is so nice, dedicated and an ardent lover of our collection. I will replace the purchased item as soon as possible and I am really sorry to put a smile on your face. Do let me know when you will receive the new order. All I wanted a pleasant smile on your lovely face. Thank you.

Mr. Tom Candy,
29 th May, 2017.

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