Sample Complaint Letter for Online Store

Sample complaint letter format of faded dress purchased from online store. This letter is for those customers who wanted to file their complaint against online stores for the delivery of mal-dress.

Sample Complaint Letter for Online Store

The Admin,
London, United Kingdom

Subject: Complaint letter of faded dress purchased from online store

Hi, Admin!

I am a regular customer of your Cameron Bytes. I am attached to this online store since 2010 and it is the same date when you launched your store go online. I had purchased a number of suits varying from formal to informal, semi-formal to unstitched clothing and never faced any problem in my purchased items.

Recently, I order the suit that falls in the Formal category and it has the number C.0654 and the material was Satin. The look of the suit was awesome and it watered my mouth so I ordered it the moment I saw. The reason behind me this much prologue is that now I am having a complaint. I yesterday received the precious and the most cherished order. I quickly opened it, but to my horror, it was totally changed so in shock the suit dropped from my hands and landed on the floor! You can now very well imagine the mental state of mine, from the words I choose to describe the whole scene. The suit was badly faded! Multiple lines of faded blue and faded grey run all over the print and the base colour was shone there as dark navy blue having small white flowers of hyacinth. It looked wonder with blue background having white beautiful motifs.

I am returning the parcel with the positive hope that it must never and never be happened in the future to come. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Ms. Laara Claara,
29 th May, 2017.

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