Sample Complaint Letter to Union Council

Sample complaint letter to Union Council for charging undue money in Ramadan. Greed is the moral crime that affects communities and to file a complaint for undue charges is a theft. This format can be used to stop this crime.

Sample Complaint Letter to Union Council

The Union Council
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: Complaint letter for charging undue money in Ramadan

Respected Sir,

Ramadan Kareem is a holy month for all of us. It was made as a religious obligation to fast thirty days a month in order to get piety, health, sense of sharing, fulfillment of commitment, firmness in the Day of Judgment and

One day before, Lahore is set designed with Ramadan Kareem bazaar and all the edibles are provided with a certified price confirmed by the Pakistani government. It is a healthy step and eased out many persons like me who came from very humble backgrounds. The inflation rates, otherwise, would have touched sky in this month and it would then be impossible for poor and needy to even see the meat or the fruit!

I was happy to see the availibity of police who sees the check and balance of prices and the overall behavior of customers to shopkeeper and of shopkeeper to their customers. Yesterday, I went to the same bazaar just half an hour before the Aftaar time and I was shocked to see the shopkeepers and the price list they once had been provided with. This change was due to absence of police! They might have gone for Aftaar as well.

I would like you to kindly arrange a complaint box where customers can put their complaints in it and make it crystal clear to the entire shopkeeper to obey the law and order even in the absence of police. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Muhammad Shakeel,
29 th May, 2017.

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