Sample Letter of Planting Trees through Drip Irrigation Method

Sample letter of planting trees through drip irrigation method. The need to plant more trees is the most demanding need of today’s world as the water level under the soil is becoming lower and lower day by day. The rise in temperature, on the other hand, is making this world a hotter place to breathe in. Drip irrigation is a relatively new term and method to protect the dear earth and is a good effort to save the coming generations from extinction. This format is really useful for the ones who are active and ready to plant the trees this season!

Sample Letter of Planting Trees through Drip Irrigation Method

Mr. Roan Ropy,
Realm Forestry Private Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Planting trees through drip irrigation method

Respected Sir,

It is known to all of us that a good plant germinate under the right and adequate conditions that are presence of light, water and warmth. Two out of three conditions are abundant, but water is draining very vastly. This is a problem, but I am here to solve this problem with a solution of drip irrigation method.
In this method you only need required amount of mud pots and fill them till their neck, after that dig a hole in the earth and let it there and surface the earth till its neck. Cover the mouth of the pot with mud lid and plant a small plant near to it so that it can get the required amount of water and the rest of the water could be sipped up by the earth, thus helping in raising the water level under the soil.
Before digging and planting the trees, make careful measurement on what should be the distance between two plants that will grow into trees. You have to fulfill the mud pot 5 times in six months for a good tree. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jacob Andrew
20 th , June 2018

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