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Environmental Factors are the Cause Cancer

Environmental Factors are the Cause of Cancer

There are many environmental factors which are leading us towards cancer, but we will discuss here only few of them.
First of all UV factor is basically known as ultra violet rays directly from sun. Allah almighty has created this universe very beautiful our earth is a symbol of life and beauty of His own. If we create any this we must have to protect it. This rule which That Almighty has also applied for this earth. He has protected us from UV factor by creating a lyre of Ozone around the earth. Which protect us from ultra –Violet rays of sun, so that we may keep safe from Cancer and other harmful factors.

Our Environmental creating such as Carbon Mono oxide and dioxide in very large quantity. Our factories, motor vehicles, etc. are the major production of this oxide due to which this lyre of Ozone is being damaged. And is not recoverable so we are leading towards a very difficult situation.

So it is very difficult to protect ourselves from these dangerous and harmful diseases as we are making such a big progress in science and technologies but our environment is also changing.
These factors are the cause of cancer. If we have to protect the humanity then must have to make changes in our society such as town planning is first. Look at the cities having high index of air purification must have clean environment, there was no planning of clean and green peace of societies in the begging so we need to know more for these factors. Coal , Mining , Factories are the major producing of waste water and unpurified air (Pollution) due to which our humanity is suffering.

Clean and green air and pure water is our necessity and right. If we can’t control these factors we are pushing humanity toward dangerous and painful situation.

Sample Letter of Planting Trees through Drip Irrigation Method

Sample letter of planting trees through drip irrigation method. The need to plant more trees is the most demanding need of today’s world as the water level under the soil is becoming lower and lower day by day. The rise in temperature, on the other hand, is making this world a hotter place to breathe in. Drip irrigation is a relatively new term and method to protect the dear earth and is a good effort to save the coming generations from extinction. This format is really useful for the ones who are active and ready to plant the trees this season!

Sample Letter of Planting Trees through Drip Irrigation Method

Mr. Roan Ropy,
Realm Forestry Private Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Planting trees through drip irrigation method

Respected Sir,

It is known to all of us that a good plant germinate under the right and adequate conditions that are presence of light, water and warmth. Two out of three conditions are abundant, but water is draining very vastly. This is a problem, but I am here to solve this problem with a solution of drip irrigation method.
In this method you only need required amount of mud pots and fill them till their neck, after that dig a hole in the earth and let it there and surface the earth till its neck. Cover the mouth of the pot with mud lid and plant a small plant near to it so that it can get the required amount of water and the rest of the water could be sipped up by the earth, thus helping in raising the water level under the soil.
Before digging and planting the trees, make careful measurement on what should be the distance between two plants that will grow into trees. You have to fulfill the mud pot 5 times in six months for a good tree. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jacob Andrew
20 th , June 2018

Sample Letter of Smog Symptoms and Prevention

Sample letter format of smog symptoms and prevention circular. Smog is a threat nowadays and it must be avoided to save the health from its harmful effects and especially the young learners as they are more sensitive and prone to such attacks. This prevention circular is a help for the searching souls.

Sample Letter of Smog Symptoms and Prevention

The Principal,
Star Twinkle School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Preventive Measures to avoid harmful effects of SMOG

Dear All,

Dense smog has engulfed the city of California over the past few days raising fears of low visibility, but also those pertaining to health. Smog results from air impurities and pollution that can be hazardous to human health. Some harmful health effects and precautions are:


a. Irritation in eyes.
b. Inflammation in tissues of lungs
c. Pain in chest
d. Cold/ flu and Pneumonia
e. Exacerbation of asthma symptoms
f. Headaches


a. Reduction of outdoor activities/ exercises and exposure to smog
b. Drink plenty of water or other fluids (8-10 glasses a day)
c. Avoid drinking cold water/ carbonated drinks/ soft drinks
d. Keep doors and windows of class room and houses closed
e. Do not rub eyes. Wash your eyes thoroughly every time you are
f. Use glasses while travelling to protect your eyes.
g. Use face masks or handkerchiefs while going outside.
h. Keep your vehicles well maintained and drive carefully to avoid
i. Frequent washing of hands, face and eyes
j. Sprinkling of water in dusty areas or grounds
k. Use wet cloth for dusting instead of broom
l. Avoid burning of waste materials.

We expect compliance from you and your school in this respect.

Best Regards,

Mr. Chairman,
18 th November, 2017.

Sample Business Introduction Letter

Sample business introduction letter. An introduction letter for a new business is written when one individual or a group of people have started a new business and wish to extend a hand of friendship/relationship to or create a business deal with some other business. Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Business Introduction Letter

Good Textile Mill,
92-C Sundar Industrial Estate,
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject:  Business Introduction Letter

We hope that you find this letter in the best of health and spirits. I consider it an honour to write to you and introduce you to our new and unique business. We are aware of the fact that Good Textile
Mill takes great pride in being Eco-friendly and is working towards adopting new and challenging environmental criteria. We at ChemCore share your value and ideas and we are equally dedicated to the responsibility we have to deliver while maintain the standards of a clean and healthy environment.

ChemCore makes use of the latest technologies in recycling industrial waste water. It has been a common yet hazardous practice that companies disposed of their waste water which has been high
in toxic substances either in other waste water repositories or in clean water sources. Water that is high in chemical wastes causes eutrophication since it is high in phosphate and nitrogen, this causes plant and animal life in the aquatic habitat to die.

We at ChemCore specialise in installing water recycling units. These units work in three stages, they purify water for reuse by the factory. If these are installed water can be purified to a level that could make it usable for agricultural use.
We look forward to your encouraging response and would be delighted to contribute towards a cleaner and Eco-friendly world. It is safe water disposal that can help our society become sustainable.


Engineer Ikraam Baig
3 rd November, 2017.

Cover Letter for Environmental Internship

Cover Letter for Environmental Internship. Format of cover letter for students is given below.

Sample Cover Letter for Environmental Internship

The Director General,
Agriculture and Water Department, Lahore.

Subject: Application for Internship

Dear Sir,

I am writing to show up my keen interest for internship in your prestigious organization about which I come to know through various reliable sources. I am currently doing B.S (Hons.) in Environmental Science from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences. My 6th Semester in on go right now and I had my last GPA of 4.00 and current CGPA is 3.81. Job at your worthy place would be a great chance for me to avail. Apart from this, I did my Bachelors of Arts from Punjab University and doing Masters in English from Punjab University as a Private Candidate. I hold a good academic background scoring 1st division from matriculation to onwards. I tend to work hard and with valor. I possess good presentation skills. I have attended WWF- Eco internship program, which was worth attending and provided me with additional experience and knowledge. I also did workshop based on EMS by a renowned institute. I also have attended workshop on Ambient Air Quality Monitoring. To be honest, I am not master at anything right now as I consider that without entering professional world I cannot learn the real tactics.

I have good learning power which makes me able to work under versatile conditions. I would learn much more as an intern, except my theoretical knowledge and will be a part of Professionalism. Furthermore, my knowledge in this field would be beneficial to your organization as well. Being an intern in your organization I will utilize my interpersonal along with working skills. I have grip over my computer and language skills as well. My attributes makes me a strong competitor and I hope you will consider my application and a chance of meeting would be worthwhile. My resume is attached to elaborate my personality. To work with you guys would be an incredible chance for me. I wish to start my journey towards my career from your organization.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Sania Ahmed

E-mail: helefag34@gmail.com

Cover Letter for Environmental Internship
Cover Letter for Environmental Internship

Cover Letter for Environmental Officer

Sample job application for environmental officer or  Cover Letter for Environmental Officer. Can be used by people, students or staff in the same field by mentioning their experiences, qualifications, and skills.Your qualification should be at top, then you should explain your skills and work experience. Mention any internship experience. Discuss your working capabilities. Here is a sample format of cover letter for environmentalist / application for the Post of environmental officer.

Cover Letter for Environmental Officer

The ______
Designation, _________

Subject: Job Application for Environmental Officer

Dear Sir,

Through your advertisement in the newspaper _____ (name) on ______ (date), I come to know about the vacancy of environmentalist in your worthy organization. I am of keen interest in it and it was eye catching for me as I also wish to find such intellectual job according to my field. Being an environmentalist, it would be a great chance for me to avail. I have done B.S. (Hons.) in environmental sciences from _________ (institute) and attained my M-Phil degree from _________ (institute).

I do have attended WWF- Eco internship program, which was worth attending and provided me with additional experience and knowledge. I did 6 months internship at ________ (institute name) being a part of my final course. Recently, I was appointed as a Lecturer of environmental sciences in _______ (institute), side by side I did my part time job in _______ (organization) as an officer. I did my research project on __________ and it improvised my senses along with my skills.

I prove myself to be a competent and hardworking person. I am capable of handling responsibilities like leading research projects, reports and presentation preparation; being a part of management I organized many events to create sense of awareness among people. I tend to work hard and with valor to change the environment of our young generations and I would be an honor for me to serve my country, my earth and my world! Apart from an ecologist, I am a versatile person along with many creative skills.

My resume is attached to show you my more details and elaborate my personality. To work with you guys would be an incredible chance for me. You should consider me eligible as I do have knowledge and experience as per your requirements. I have been in professional life since three years and it taught me the expertise of it. I wish to continue my journey of success with your association. I will definitely avail this splendid chance if I get it. I hope to get a positive reply from your side.

Yours sincerely,


Application Letter for Environmental Officer
Application Letter for Environmental Officer