Sample Declination Letter for Job Offer

Sample declination letter for job offer. Decline is a negative
word, but it sometimes save on from any unpleasant situation. It I time saving and fidget free as well. Getting ‘no’ in the job or saying ‘no’ for a job goes both way and it hoards from hustle of matter in the long run. This letter is a help for searching soul bending to say flat ‘No.’

Sample Declination Letter for Job Offer

The Asylum Public Library,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Declination letter of job offer

Respected Sir,
With due respect, it is stated that I am Ms. Janet Sawyer and
I had seen the advertisement published in The Nation and I applied for the position of Librarian on 23 rd August 2017 and I even got called for an interview test. I am so grateful that I made it this far but it’s time to take a step back on the score of unseen, but inevitable scenarios of life.
What you plan and what life throws at you is entirely the whole a different story. This phrase can best describe what I am going through now. Sir, it is to inform you that by that time I received your call letter for the post of librarian, I had already applied for another institute and got selected there and that job suits me by each angle.
Presently, I am working there with a handsome amount of salary. My contract period is almost about to finish and I am quite satisfied with this job as it eased me in expense for the transport and mess.
Sir, I humbly and with utmost gratitude request you to accept my refusal and grant this post to a more illegible candidate as compared to me. In future. If I may get myself in trouble I will contact you as my savior and will glorify there with you people. Thanking in eagerness.
With Regards,

Yours Truly,
Ms. Janet Sawyer,
1 st September, 2017

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