Sample Consent Letter for Medical Care

Sample  consent letter for medical care. Taking care of beloved ones is a grave matter which cannot be underestimated or overlooked at any cost. Engaging with doctors’ ad getting their guidance is valuable and must be seek after for betterment. This letter is a help for individuals who are in difficult times and wanted to get out of it.

Sample Consent Letter for Medical Care

The Livonia group of international hospitals (LGIH)
Peace Street, Britain

Subject: Letter of consent for medical care

Respected Sir Cedrick,

With due respect, it is to inform you that recently a patient (ref. roll no. 1280) has been transferred in your good hands. Being one of the experienced and well-known doctors in whole of Britain, each individual craves to be treated under your custody.
Like any other individual, I personally desire that my beloved mother
should be operated by someone skilled like you. Your name is my first priority in the choice of talented doctors. However, bringing your busy schedule in my concern, I came to know that you aren’t free in any of the days my mother has an appointment.
Therefore, I came up with a solution both feasible for you and I. It is
stated that you may send a good assistant of yours to my house having your consent letter so that I may get sense of satisfaction and proof that the respective person. In this way your schedule will not be disturbed and my mother could be treated efficiently.
I hope you will acknowledge my suggestion and start the treatment as soon as possible. I leave my mother’s medical care on your disposal. I hope you will understand my condition as my matter is very serious. Thanking in advance for your cooperation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Edward Saw,
1 st September, 2017.

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