Sample Declination Letter for Business Proposal

Sample declination letter for business proposal. In the battle of business ups and downs are the main part of it. Accepting of proposals and then rejecting it is very common in the arcade of business. Declining the business proposal is a negative notion, but it can affect the reputation of the company to greater extend, so it is wise to reject the offers than to suffer and this letter is a help of this sort.

Sample Declination Letter for Business Proposal

The Charlie Perfume Talc Organization,
Buffalo, United State of America.

Subject: Declination for business proposal

Respected Sir,
I highly acknowledge ‘the August offer of 2000’ provided by you. In which your department will help and carry the expense of our organization in ending health issues of the country. It was really nice offer, but we are not novice in this realm and had strong connected relations with other firms as well. But, unfortunately the organization has already been associated with ‘WHO’ (World Health Organization. EST 1990). It has been five successful years, since then it has been decided to decline all offers and has been declared that the organization will be a non-profit one.
We shall further be working for the genuine welfare of the society. We are surely happy of the expense and the expected outcomes and hope that we will continue to prosper in the future.
I highly appreciate the offer provided and am impressed of the vision and mission of your department as seen in your portfolio. I will surely get in touch if the circumstances permit it as it definitely goes in our favour in long term planning. We will contact you in the near future so kindly do not take it to your heart or feel bad about it. Thank you and keep in touch.
Sincerely Yours,

Mr. Harvard Surrey,
1 st September, 2017

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