Letter for Dengue Spray from Higher Authorities

Letter for dengue spray from higher authorities. Decline in health is a grave matter and it should be tackle with care and in advance. Government is responsible for this big responsibility and for that reason they issue orders regarding seasonal diseases on alternate basis. Dengue spray is one such order which should be obliged. This letter format can ease out higher authorities from fuss of writing and typing.

Letter for Dengue Spray from Higher Authorities

The Health Ministry,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of Order of dengue spray in all educational department from higher authorities

Respected Sir,

Ciao! I am Mr. John Scott and spokesperson of higher authorities. You all had witnessed a change in our surroundings and especially
in the early mornings and the start of evenings! Yes! You are right! This change is scratching your arms and legs or other uncovered parts of body. The scratch is caused due to bites of mosquitoes! It can be dangerous female mosquito of malaria or even dengue, but we received positive news if dengue from other regions and we suspect it could be here in Texas as well. The situation is
We do not wish to get our citizens victimized by its assault and we had ordered the media to launch a public awareness campaign regarding its killing and avoidance, but it is not enough! For precautionary measures it was decided to do spray in all the educational branches in order to save the young ones from
its attack! Schools and universities are glorified with flowers and grassy grounds and in stagnation water if found there. Dengue dwell and get its growth from clean water as we all know. Kindly make it possible to do pray in all water borne areas so dengue can be eradicated from its roots. After this spray, submit the post spray post to your in-charge on individual basis for further scrutiny. Thank you. With Regards,

Yours Truly,
Mr. John Scott,
6 th September, 2017

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