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Psychological Assessment Letter for Child to Parents

Psychological Assessment Letter for Child to Parents. Schools are place where people send their children to get education, adequate, moral values and norms and tradition according to society. The discipline shapes the personality of children. The experts in school may refer the kids to certain assessments if they found something noticeable. Following is the written format how to send the psychological assessment news to parents.

Psychological Assessment Letter for Child to Parents

Mrs. Julia
City New York

Subject: Psychological Assessment letter for child to parents

Dear Madam,

Hopefully, you are fine and enjoying good health. I, Mr. Marta, your child senior teacher writing this letter to you to inform certain important behavior problems about your child notice during school timings. I am teaching your child from last one year. During this duration I have found that your child is suffering from hyper attention deficit problem. It is really very hard for him to concentrate on any task given to him. He failed to maintain on seat for minimum 10 min in the class. Due to such behaviors his education is suffering and he gets poor grades in exams. So, it is strongly recommended to you to visit the clinical psychologist for his proper formal psychological assessment. This assessment would help you understanding the reasons of his behaviors and you would also get the management accordingly. This would also guide us how we can improve his academic grades as well with his behavior problems.
I must say, don’t take this to heart, timely treated is good than to be known nothing about problems. So take it positively and share this assessment reports with school management for his individual educational program. Remember! We would always be here to help you, guide you and do whatever we can do for you according to our school systems. All the best! You son is very cute and it was very good experience to work with him.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Marta
Date: 23.06.18

Sample Job Application for Speech Therapist

Sample Format of  Job application for Speech Therapist. It is noticed that number of children with speech defects is rising in the country. Stammering is noticed in utmost number of cases and to deal with such or related issues, post for speech therapist is designed. Viable and concerned minds are welcome in this profession and this format can be used by persons who wanted to apply for the job in the special education institution.

Sample Job Application for Speech Therapist

The Chairperson,
Dwain Lela Special Education Institution,
Utter Perdaish, India.

Subject: Job application for speech therapist

Respected Madam,

Humbly stated there is a vacancy in your school for a Speech Therapist. The job requires a therapist having experience of at least 5 years from a reputed institute. I had served in Utter Perdaish, as speech therapist for about two years and left the institution because of meager salary against day by day increasing inflation rate in our country. I worked as freelancer with many NGOs and exposed to variety of institutions and children. I dropped the job after 4 years because of travelling exertion.

After collecting experience from multiple institutions I am here to apply for a vacant seat of speech therapist. I am eligible according to the requirements of the job as published in the advertisement given by you in the newspaper. On that basis I want to apply in your institution as a therapist.I am fully aware by the nature of the work and can handle all the speech related matters easily and fairly. By appointing me, I assure that you will get a punctual and hardworking therapist as obvious from my Experience letter copies.

All the mandatory documents are attached with my application for your kind view. I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours truly,
Ms. Amreeta Sherma
7 th November,2016

Resume Format for Psychologist

Resume sample of psychologist for experienced or without experience person.You can change it according to your need. This sample format of resume is useful to make up your own curriculum vitae. Free  to download, an easy sample.

Sample Resume Format for Psychologist Vacancy

Syed Muntazir Ali 
Cell # 923465544133
Email: muntaziir.ali88@gmail.com
Postal address: Hostel of GCU Lahore room No.235

Career objective :

I am confident that my combination of practical experience and educational qualification has enabled me for making a great contribution

in your organization/institute. I understand the level of professionalism and communication skills required for a long term success in field.

My background & professional approach to work will provide your organization/institute a highly productive support. I declare that all the

mentioned details are best to my knowledge and belief.

Academic qualification:

Year Degree/qualification University/board
2010-2014 BSc (Hons)in Psychology
2010 Arts (F.A)


1 year experience in Fountain House. Fountain House is mental health care hospital. l Under the supervision of M. Aslam Psychologist I’ve

completed 1 year internship successfully


I have attended the following trainings from Lodhran Pilot Project (LPP)

• Communication Skills

• Telephonic Etiquettes

• Time management

• Stress management

• Multi-Tasking

• Efficient use of MS Outlook

Diplomas /certificates:

• Diploma in office application in computer, from commerce college Layyah. With help of this course I have grip on Microsoft

office application.

• English communication skills. From GC University, Lahore. I’ve learned English communication skills from GC University. This

course was based on 4 months training.(Course content were speaking, listening, writing and reading)

• 5 weeks training in web development from Leonard Cheshire disability and development program, Islamabad. I’ve grip on web

development areas that are based on following contents. (Adobe Dreamweaver, PHP, HTML, CSS, word press)

• Perfume making training from Labara vocational training centre, Lahore I’ve got 3 days training of perfume making that is held

in labara training centre

Personal Abilities:

• Thorough knowledge about psychology

• Positive thinking, self-motivate, problem solving, helping nature, good communication skills and energetic.

• I have strong grip on relaxing exercises.

• Expert in Playing Chess.

• Reading different stuff.

• Expert in Relaxing exercises and yoga.


Application For The Post of Psychologist

Sample application for the post of psychologist. Its a free format for job application of psychologist. You can use it as template and according to your need you can change necessary bio-data like designation, name , address qualification, Experience and applying for the job. Its very helpful for the post of Speech therapist, physiotherapist, hydrotherapist or senior teacher for special education school.

Sample Application For The Job of Psychologist

The Director,
Roshni Association,

Subject:  Application For Job

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I wish to take this opportunity, to offer my services as Psychologist’ for the rehabilitation programme by imparting training and education to the Special Children of Roshni Association.

Since, i had worked as’ Principal of PAF Institute of Special Education’ Lahore Base, more than four years( 1997-2002) therefore, i am confident that , i shall prove my worth as an asset to Roshni Association, by working hard with great zeal.

I am enclosing herewith the copies attached of the relevant testimonials for your kind perusal & ready reference.Thanking you, in anticipation.

Very Truly Yours,

Mrs Sadia Saleem

Application For The Job of Psychologist
Application For The Job of Psychologist