Request to Fill a Survey

Sample request  letter to fill the survey. Surveys/Questionnaires are integral part of science subjects where studies are based on the surveys aided with quality questionnaires and responses of students to each question asked in the data. This format is a help for the seeking ones.

Request to Fill a Survey

The Dean,
Cameroon Lamb University,
Brent Wood, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting to fill the survey

Respected Sir,

With humility and in perfect recognition of my level and decorum,
I am here to ask you for getting prized permission of yours in helping me completion of survey on Observational Method as part of my psychological research. It will just take an hour for its completion and students’ time will not be wasted in answering the questionnaire. I will work with them in their spare time so please issue me Consent letter so that I can submit my thesis in time. Thanking in love and considerations for sparing time in reading it.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Jacob Ferry
2 nd November, 2017.

Application to Conduct Survey/Questionnaires in School

The Principal,
Elite High School
Lahore, Pakistan.

Subject: Application to conduct survey

Respected Madam,

It is stated that my team and I wish to conduct a research study on job satisfaction among teachers, for this purpose we would like the faculty of your school to fill in some survey forms and would be
delighted if you cooperate with us. The premise of our research is a comparison of job satisfaction among various public schools depending on the district where they are located. We would ensure
complete privacy and confidentiality of results. If you grant us permission to add your faculty members in our survey pool we will share the research results with you.

Yours Truly,
Farah Ismat
23 rd August, 2015.

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