Letter to Friend Describing Bad Effects of Smoking

Letter to Friend Describing Bad Effects of Smoking. Letter to Your Friend Describing the Dangers of Smoking. The format of Letter to Friend Describing Bad Effects of Smoking is provided ahead. This sample letter can be used by students as it is an important topic with respect to exams. Use good vocabulary, and simple words. Selection of words should be appropriate.

Letter to Friend Describing Bad Effects of Smoking

My Dear Jim,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your health. I was planning to write you since long but I didn’t get time because of my final exams. Finally, I am free now and I wish I had a chance to meet you while having holidays. Let me know soon, if you have any upcoming plan to visit here. Jim, I have something in my mind which I want to share. Coming to the major point which I wanted to discuss with you are the effects of smoking.
I have come to know through your previous letter that your classmates are getting into unethical and unhealthy activities about which you are really disturbed. I understand that, it would be really tough for you to survive with such people who are not of your type. I want to suggest you that, try to discuss with them at least once about the drastic effects of smoking. The negative impacts upon health and brain cannot be neglected. It will lead to their reduced concentration towards study and this will waste them completely.
I want to keep you aware that even if they try to drag you in their circle, please manage to stay out.

A person like you who have high aims and goals, if get involved in such activities, nothing will be accomplished. I want to advice you that please discuss with you family and parents whenever you’re stressed out about such issue. I think better is to find a new group of people who are more like you bright and optimistic. World is full of such nice people and I am sure you will find one. I am waiting for your reply upon this. Pay my regards to everyone at home.

Truly Yours,
Jimmy Carol.

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