Authorization Letter to Collect Parcel

Authorization Letter to Collect Parcel. The given formats of authorization letter to collect parcel can be used by people who want to give authorization or responsibility to any other person. Following formats can be used if any person wants to make someone responsible of collecting his/her parcel and if the organization is demanding authorization proof.

Authorization Letter to Collect Parcel

Mr. Samir Aen,
Manager, ABC Association.

Subject: Authorization Letter to collect Parcel

Dear Samir,

This letter serves as official authorization letter in order to collect the parcel/(s) and is issued as per requirement of your organization’s policy. Mr. ABC is our new intern and one of his key responsibilities is the collection and management of all the parcels which are on organization’s panel. Please remove the name of Mr. DEF who has recently left the job. Kindly update your record, a copy of his cnic is attached with the letter. Thanking you in anticipation.

Warm Regards,

Name: —————–
Contact: ——————-

Authority Letter to Collect Parcel

Mrs. Sameera Sheikh,
Manager Dispatch, EMF Association.

Subject: Authorization Letter to collect Parcel

Dear Mrs. Sheikh,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your health. My purpose of writing is to make an update in the staff list i.e. Mrs. XYZ has been recently hired and shifted to Dispatch Department. As, you know that I have to go on a business meeting abroad with the CEO, therefore under my unavailability he shall be responsible for collection of organizations’/CEO’s parcels. He is fully authorized for the task and I want you to please forward it to concerned departments as well. Thanking you.

Fond Regards,

Rakshan Yon


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