Letter for Leave Extension

Sample Letter for Leave Extension. If any employee or student want to get his/her leave extended or has taken leaves without notice and want to send Leave Extension Letter later on can use the format provided below. Easy and simply written template is given.

Sample Letter for Leave Extension

The Principal,
Cambridge High School, Greenland.

Subject: Letter for Leave Extension

Respected Sir,

With reverence, I am writing to inform you my daughter is student of Grade 12 in this prestigious institution. Sir, I want to bring your kind attention towards my pressing issue.  Few days back, I asked for leave of 8 days on account of my daughter’s severe illness. Within this span, her checkup was done and she was trying to recover. Moreover, she was ready to get back after medication.Unfortunately, she got allergic of one of the prescribed medicine, neither the Doctor was aware of it and it led to her critical health condition.

As an aftermath of this, she was deprived of energy along with other health issues including fever, rashes, low blood pressure. You can understand, how crucial this moment was for her and for me as well. Being demented and troubled I brought her to Muscat in order to get her blood tests and medication.Owing to that I came to know about her allergy which was the consequence of medicine overdose. This situation was entirely tragic for me and I could not let the school know regarding the leave extension.

We have exceeded twenty days after the granted leave. I understand that, it was my duty to inform the administration but during this tragedy I couldn’t make it happen. Sir, she will surely recover within a span of one week and will join back. I have enclosed all the medical reports for your kind review. This being the case, I request you to grant her leave extension on grounds of her illness. While considering this leave extension letter please allow her to take classes and please don’t charge her any fine as you’re aware how much trouble we have been through. Its my humble plea and I shall be utterly obliged and grateful to you.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Mr. James Green
Father of Sarah James.
Contact and Signature.

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