Follow-up Letter after Job Interview

Sample Follow-up letter after job interview. Getting no reply from the company even after job interview creates a number of alarms in the minds of the interviewee and for that reason follow up scheme is there in certain offices. Such letter is a valid aid for the individuals in meeting their needs.

Sample Follow-up Letter after Job Interview

The Manager,
Havens Elite States,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Follow-up letter after job interview

Respected Sir,

Glad to see you reading this very script of mine lying in front of your eyes and resting on the table. I am Mr. Jones Carl and your precious self had personally interviewed me few weeks before. My interview went very well as I still remember the gleeful expressions that beamed on your face when you talked to me and saw my academic record. I was hoping a call from your prestigious self, but up till now I got no such good hearing. Can I know the reason behind not getting call from your office? If I am standing rejected in your eyes then kindly let me know so that I can start my search of job in other offices and companies as well. If I am under consideration and you are not reaching to any decision even then let me know the short comings of my personality in order to be up to the mark of your set standard.

Waiting for Godot is merely a waste of time in my eyes and I hope you will also not like to strand someone without any charge. Under any circumstances, let me know the answer from your cherished self so that I can have clearer mind and move ahead in my professional career. I am extending warm wishes and humble regards for you. Thank you.

Warm R,
Mr. Jones Carl,
14 th April, 2017

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