Follow-up Letter after Business Proposal

Sample Follow-up letter after business proposal. Extending business is a form of expansion in the arcade of businesses. Contracts are crucial in binding an agreement between two business groups, but follow up is a key to success and a civic right of either party to let knowledge of acceptance or rejection. This format can fulfill the need of the person sitting in the agreement.

Sample Follow-up Letter after Business Proposal

The Managing Director,
Elite Steel Organic Factory,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Follow-up letter after business proposal

Respected Sir,

I hope good will and health at your side. I am writing this piece of inscription as a reminder of my proposal that I offered you at the meeting held in Seven Star Hotel. In the meeting, I gave you the idea of patching up an agreement between us on shared basis. I offered an idea of crafting the steel in the modern equipment as major out-break in the chain of businesses world! You were quite inspired from my proposal and suggested me to inform you as follow up of my business proposal as soon as possible. I am now here with my pledge and firm words.

I am new in this field, but I have high aims and ample career knowledge of how to turn mud into pottery. I assure you that I will not be a proven mistake if you show your trust on me by giving me the chance of entering in the era of businesses. I will learn to excel from you as far as I can live my life. Kindly reply me back so that I can see you at my earliest and start this new exciting venture with your learned self. I am yearning to hear a positive reply from you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Tom Jerry,
14 th April, 2017.

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