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Sample Thank You Email after Second Interview

Sample thank you email after second interview. Getting selected in field of competency and nerve is a job worth taking. Appointing as security guard is risky, but demanding job and this format ease out the problem of the destined person.

Sample Thank You Email after Second Interview

To: sz3986@live.com

Subject: Thank you email after second interview for security guard

Dear Sir,

I am feeling obliged that you have given me the chance of getting interviewed for the second time! For me this was a wild card entry and I don’t even thought of getting the chance! You considered me befitting for the job and I am much thankful to you for this kind and favourable action. I will be on time for my job if your highness will select me for this job.

I am trained for this job by Stationed Team, United Kingdom. I am again saying thanks to you and now waiting for a pleasant hearing from you. Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Jacob Freddy,
17 th April, 2017.

Thank you Email after Second Interview for Sales Manager

To: leopard3579@outlook.com

Subject: Thank you email after second interview for Sales Manager

Respected Sir,

It is a matter of great honour that you gave me the opportunity to appear for the interview the second time. I was late for the interview first time you intimated us for certain unseen happening in my private life. I approached you for the second interview and in my heart I was not expecting of getting this golden chance, but somehow I took chance and I am really happy to be interviewed today. If you will consider me for this job, I will extract high skills from my past experience in the field of sales department. I right know how and where to hit the ground for achieving good sales record. Now, I am anxious to hear good wave from you. Thank you.

Yours Grateful,

Mr. Jades Stone,
17 th April, 2017.

Follow-up Letter after Job Interview

Sample Follow-up letter after job interview. Getting no reply from the company even after job interview creates a number of alarms in the minds of the interviewee and for that reason follow up scheme is there in certain offices. Such letter is a valid aid for the individuals in meeting their needs.

Sample Follow-up Letter after Job Interview

The Manager,
Havens Elite States,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Follow-up letter after job interview

Respected Sir,

Glad to see you reading this very script of mine lying in front of your eyes and resting on the table. I am Mr. Jones Carl and your precious self had personally interviewed me few weeks before. My interview went very well as I still remember the gleeful expressions that beamed on your face when you talked to me and saw my academic record. I was hoping a call from your prestigious self, but up till now I got no such good hearing. Can I know the reason behind not getting call from your office? If I am standing rejected in your eyes then kindly let me know so that I can start my search of job in other offices and companies as well. If I am under consideration and you are not reaching to any decision even then let me know the short comings of my personality in order to be up to the mark of your set standard.

Waiting for Godot is merely a waste of time in my eyes and I hope you will also not like to strand someone without any charge. Under any circumstances, let me know the answer from your cherished self so that I can have clearer mind and move ahead in my professional career. I am extending warm wishes and humble regards for you. Thank you.

Warm R,
Mr. Jones Carl,
14 th April, 2017

Request Letter for Rescheduled Meeting Appointment

Request letter for rescheduled meeting appointment. It is business meeting by Planing and Development Organizer to help you and enhance your business worth and/or suits all kind of business, Due to some inconvenience if you have got the meeting letter and did not reach there on time. You can again send your request through this format.

Request Letter for Rescheduled Meeting Appointment Sample

Manager Pepsico,
Karachi, Pakistan

Subject: Request for rescheduled meeting appointment

Respected Sir,

We at Glassco request a date for the rescheduled meeting to be held. We have been in correspondence for the last four months but have been unable to arrive at a date in order to conduct our outstanding deals. Since the budget will lapse in the following three weeks we believe it is essential to arrange for a meeting at the latest. The project that we concluded talks on; the new bottling technique is fully operational now. However, a few issues regarding the supply chain protocol have to be arranged.

The sooner the deal is agreed on and comes in black and white the sooner will we be able to conduct our work efficiently. Please let us know the appropriate date and day to finally resolve the matter and
conduct the deal.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Hashmi
12 th March, 2017.

Request for Rescheduled Meeting Appointment 

Ref: 0123-45

The Chairman,
Monsanto Pvt Ltd.
Sub:   Request for Rescheduled Meeting Appointment 
Dear Sir,
Sorry for delayed response as I was not in Lahore from last 2 weeks due to some official work. I have read your details regarding meeting regarding campus ambassador program. I could not found your email on time due to inconvenience of email ID. So I did not reach there on time. Sir, I request you to arrange again meeting with us. It would be very informative for individual setup.
This business meeting to help you to approach for financial services like loans, mortgages or any kind of other services.You can get better ideas to your business. As I suggested earlier, please send an official Meeting Appointment email directly to my email address or through post as well. After that I will discuss complete proposal with my team members.
Our group shall include the following individuals:
1. Shahid Ahmed  Manager Customers Affairs
2. Raza Akmal       Manager Planing and Development
3. Sana Batool       Manager Finance
I look forward to hearing from you regarding your availability to meet at earliest . Please confirm the earliest convenient date for meeting and share with us.
We look forward to receiving your esteemed support in this regard.
Raheen Sheikh
Cell No: 0300-456789900
Request Letter for Rescheduled Meeting Appointment Sample
Request Letter for Rescheduled Meeting Appointment Sample


Sample Request Application for Rescheduling the Interview Time

The Manager,
Lind son Turbo Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request application for rescheduling the interview time

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much regret that I cannot come on the designed interview date and time. Please accept my honest apologies for not being able to attend the interview that was scheduled on the 20 th of February 2017 for the position for
Sales Marketing.

I was looking forward to the interview and would be grateful if I am considered as a candidate to work for your association and value the opportunity. Due to being involved in a family friends’ death it is not possible for me to be in attendance for the interview at the scheduled time and date.

I request you to reschedule the interview to an advance date or perhaps for the first week of March, as I would still appreciate the occasion to talk about the job opening. I am very fervent to work with your venerated organization. I expect you will deem my request and reschedule the interview to anon date. I am looking forward for a positive response from your side.

Mr. Jacob Jaws,
14 th February, 2017.

Request to Reschedule Interview

Sample Request Letter to Reschedule Interview. In any case if you are not able to attend interview you can inform the management via phone call or email. Templates are given below, which can be used for rescheduling interview.

Sample Request to Reschedule Interview

The Hiring Manager,
Falcon’s Agency, Canada.

Subject: Request to Reschedule Interview

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that I got an interview notice for the position of HR Manager at your prestigious organization, yesterday via email. My interview date has been decided on 7th January, 2015. Unfortunately, I am not available on that day as I have appointment with doctor and I have to take my mother for her monthly checkup.

I extremely apologize for asking the cancellation and rescheduling of my job interview. I request you to please reschedule my interview as I am available after the specific day. I shall be looking for your prompt attention in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

John Green.

Sample Request to Reschedule Interview
Sample Request to Reschedule Interview


Request for Rescheduling Interview

The Manager,
ABC Company.

Dear Sir,

I was being called for an interview for the post of “Assistant Director” at your company but unfortunately, I could not come due to my grandfather’s death. I am highly motivated and interested for being a part of your company. Due to the mishap, I missed my interview, so I request you to schedule an interview for me again so that I can tell you about my capabilities and potentials.I will be grateful for you if you allow me to come for an interview at a re-scheduled date.

Thanking you.


Request for Reschedule Interview from Student

I’m an A-Level student at Lahore Grammar School 1-A/1, going by the name of Areeba Aleem. For over a month i’ve been looking forward to an internship at _________. Unfortunately, as i was reading through the website, i found out that the interviews will only be held on the 2nd of June. My exams are to exceed till that date and sadly, i wouldn’t be able to come for an interview before 3.00pm. (I still haven’t filled the form because of the issue.)
Is there even a slightest of chance that i could find a solution to this problem? Asking to reschedule the interview seems a big deal to me, although i’m eager to be a part of such a helpful organisation. It’s truly wonderful how all the members, either internal or external, are set to provide a safe haven for those in need.
Thank you for your time. I’ll be looking forward to a response.

Areeba Aleem

Request for Reschedule of Interview Sample Letter

The Principal,
Star’s School System.

Dear Madam,

Please be informed that I had an interview with you for the position of Senior Science Teacher. I regret to inform that suddenly, my family relative died. For this, I am sorry to ask for cancellation of my job interview today.

I request you to kindly reschedule the appointment and therefore ask to fix up a new time for it. I shall be obliged for this favor.

Sincerely Yours,

Jane Eva.

Request Email to Reschedule Interview

Dear Mr. Henry,

Hope to find you good. I got an interview call from your organization for the position of Accounts Manager, which is on 8th Jan, 2015 at 2 pm. I am writing to request that if there is any possibility to reschedule the interview.

I am eager to join in your organization and I want to avail this opportunity but unfortunately I have my convocation that day. I will be getting my MS Degree issued by my University.
I apologize for any inconvenience that the rescheduling might cause you, but I hope you will provide me assistance in this mater.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Eva James.

Request Email to Reschedule Interview
Request Email to Reschedule Interview

Easy Format of Request to Reschedule Interview

The Hiring Manager,
Esna Foundation.

Subject: Request to Reschedule Interview

Respected Sir,

I am writing to inform you about bad condition of my health. I have met a serious accident owing to that I am not able to come for interview against the post of ‘Marketing Manager’ which was today around 10am. I apologize for this, but it was natural calamity. I request you to please reschedule interview and make it happen a week later as I will be good enough at that time. I hope you won’t mind for this.


Ashok Mehta.
Contact: 000-999-098.

Easy Format of Reschedule Interview

General Suppliers,
Tokyo, Japan.

Subject: Request to reschedule interview

Respected Sir,

I have been in constant correspondence with you for the past three months as your prospective manager of supply chain. I have already been recommended by the recruitment body and have been looking forward to the last leg of the hiring process. I received an email and a subsequent call in this regard and I have been called in for an interview to be judged and held by members of the board of

I had previously finalized the date as well and everything was planned, but now I have been informed by the airline that for the next week any flights to the region will be cancelled due to
unforeseen weather forecast. I do not reside in Tokyo at the moment as I have previously made clear. I understand the inconvenience this will cause but I request that the interview be scheduled a week after

Yours Truly,
Ms. Anita
23 rd November, 2015.