Sample Employment Bond

Sample Employment Bond. This is an agreement between the employee and the organization for any reason. Bond shows that employee would work with the organization for  a particular period or may be terminated after particular tenure. There could be any reason for the bond and format is provided below.

Sample Employment Bond

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

Let this letter serve the purpose of commitment of continuation of job of our current employee Mr.Rehman Malik at Roshni Association for Special Children after completing her education through USAID scholarship. Following are initial terms and conditions( subject to change for mutual agreement) set to serve the purpose of agreement between Mr. Rehman Malik and Roshni Association.

This agreement made at Roshni Association on this, 25-4-2015, betweem Mr. Rehman, NIC No 45478-567890 Son of Ahmed Malik, resident of 202-C-GulberdgLahore of the other part, hereinafter reffered to as ‘ The Employment’.


Roshni Association, 24/D S Block Badian Chowk Lahore the other part, hereinafter reffered to as’ The Employer‘ which is represented by honorary Cheif Executive who is duly authorised in this behalf.

Whereas the employee has been selected for the award of the USAID scholarship under theUSAID education Master’s Scholarship Program and for the betterment of her future and for national interest of employee hereby agrees to accept (3 )three years bond to work after returning to Pakistan, abide by and comply with the terms and conditions decided upon her return. We are committed to provide her a platform four years to work with our organization where she can utilize her skills and knowledge after the completion of studies.

Employee                                                                                 Employer

Mr.Rehman Malik.                                                                 Mr. James.

Sample Employment Bond
Sample Employment Bond


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