Sample Offer Letter for Regular Customers

Sample format of special sale offer letter for regular clients.The business of fashion is inexhaustible and got concentration day by day! The designers invent new strategies to attract their clients for good. Special Sale offer is a tactic growing fast and is advantageous.This letter can be used for designers who wanted to appreciate their clients.Necessary changes can be done.

Sample Offer Letter for Regular Clients

Ms. Anita John,

Creamy and creasy Tunic Attire,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Special Sale Offer Letter for Regular Clients

Treasured Signora,

I am Mr. Jacob Thomas, the spokesperson of Creamy and creasy Tunic Attire. I am here as a representative of this boutique and wanted to expand our thanks to you. Before coming to the main point, I would like to share with you a policy devised for the prized customers like you:

? The customer will get a special sale offer (once a year) over the purchase of fifty thousand per month!

I am feeling thrilled to inform you that you are fortunate enough to get this sale offer which gives you a flat discount of rupee one million over ten million purchase per year! Congratulations from our team. We care for you and wanted you let us know the designer and the type of fabric you like so that we can accommodate you in your cherished fashion! With your suggestions we can improve and grow together. We are hoping a welcoming advance from your side as well. Keep coming to your own place. We are fervently waiting for you’re the most awaited reply. Love our work. Adieu.

Yours well-wisher,

Fashion Industry Team

24 th sept,2016

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