Employee Email Samples Asking to Work from Home

Sample emails formats asking to work from home. Here are various reasons to ask your boss from part time work or work from home. Like Serious health problem, Sickness of wife or baby. Surgery problem/ Accidents or injuries. Doctor appointments. Sickness of family members. Death in the family. Other appointments or different personal commitments. Everyone can use these formats in letter or email form. Necessary changes can be done according to requirement.

Employee Email Samples Asking to Work from Home

To: Mr. Saad Robert( Director Creative)

From: Maha Khan(Senior Designer)

Subject: Requesting boss to work from home

Respected Sir, I want to make a request today as I am unable to come at office. I have an appointment with my doctor. It would not be possible for me to come at office as timings of office are clashing with doctor appointment time. I know there is a load of work at office that is why I have decided to work from home. I will make sure that I complete the work and send you all files by 5 pm. I hope you will consider it.

Best Regards,

How to Ask Your Boss to Work From Home


The Deaprtment Head,

Dean Textile.

Subject: Request from home due to Transport Issue

Dear Boss, Good Morning! unfortunately I would not be able to come at office today due to a transport issue. I am having trouble in getting a bus to the office due to a strike in my area. There is a political party on round so there is huge crowd and there is no transportation available because of security reasons. I assure you that I will complete all my due work from home. I will not give you any reason of complaint. Please allow me to work from home. Thanking you in anticipation.

Warm Regards,

Mehta Singh

Request Letter to Work from Home due to Wife Sickness

Dear Madam, it is requested with due respect that my wife is sick. She has a temperature that is not going down. Doctor has advised me to take care of her at home. She is in very vulnerable condition right now. I cannot leave her sight for once. Please allow me to work from home for two days so I can complete my work. I hope that you comprehend. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Robert Goarge

Request Letter to Work from Home due to Child Care

Dear Sir, it is to inform you that I would not be able to come at office. My kids are very sick. Actually, we ate from a restaurant last night and my kids got sick by the food. It is creating a lot of tension for me. I have to take them to doctor with me. Please allow me to work from home for the particular day so I can complete my work on time.

Yours Faithful,

Shah Nawaz

Senior Executive

Request Letter to Work from Home due to Urgent Work

Respected Sir,

I have received the work of office. I am at home as there is urgent work at home. Please permit me to send you all the files from the home. As there is clear instruction that all files are needed very urgent. It would be best if I get it done from home and send to the
concerned authorities as soon as possible. I hope that you understand that I cannot make it to the office today and permit me the work.

Yours Truly,

Mehta Singh


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