Authority Letter to Collect Passport

Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport. Sample Passport Authorization Letter. If any person has applied for passport and due to some personal reasons or unfavorable circumstances he/she is not able to collect passport from office either he may be out of station, so he/she can authorize his friend/mother/father etc to collect his document and as a token to authenticity he may have to provide the authority letter to that particular person. Format is given below.

Authorization Letter to Collect Passport Sample

Subject: Authority letter to collect passport

This is Muhammad Hussain, I have applied for passport at Passport office G-34, Commercial Area, Phase I, DHA, Lahore.

Due to some personal issues I can’t come to collect my passport. I certify Mr. Farooq collect my passport from Passport Office DHA branch. CNIC and birth certificate copy  is attached with letter.

Thanking you I remain,

Muhammad Hussain

Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport

The Administration,
Passport Office.

Subject: Authority Letter to Collect Passport

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you that I am ‘Dr. Anum Ali’, I have applied for renewal of my passport in Passport Office, Walton Cantt. Due to my work requirement urgently I had to leave for Islamabad and unfortunately I am unable to collect my passport. Therefore, I authorize my brother ‘Amjad Ali’ having CNIC number: 000-00000-000 to collect my passport.

My Identity Card’s copy along with passport application and token number is attached with the application.


Dr. Anum Ali.

Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport
Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport

Authorization Letters to Collect Passport

Respected Sir,

I am writing this to inform that Ms. Helena is authorized to collect my passport from Visa collection Center. My passport details are mentioned below. I have not given permission to anyone but her for this. She will be having her identity card and I am going to mention her details on this letter so it would be matched and she can get it easily. I cannot come to collect the passport due to the emergency. I
had to travel to another city on urgent basis and could not come to get the passport on time. I will be thankful for this favor.

Sincerely Yours,




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