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Authorization Letter for Collecting Documents

Sample authorization letter for collecting documents. Human life is busy when it comes to business, job or the things related to it and sometimes in this scenario it becomes entirely impossible to catch up with things which are the most important and collecting of documents is one such thing and for that reason letter of authorization is mandatory. This format can be used by persons who wanted to take guidance.

Authorization Letter for Collecting Documents

The Oedipus Real Estate Firm,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject:  Authorization letter for collecting documents

Respected Sir,

Hello! How are you? I hope you will be fine by the grace of Providence and I wish you eternal blisses and glee for whole of your life and even in the life hereafter. Let me introduce myself, I am Mr. Jacob Andrew, the sitting President of Havens Real Estate cooperation, California.
I had a recent meeting with your chairman on the purchase of commercial plot in West Avenue of ten canals in lump sum amount of 154,000$. It was decided between us to pick up the registration file and paying the said amount by myself. I wished to come to you at my earliest, but I am unfortunate enough of not availing the wonderful time of meeting you for another time. I found you a person amiable and pleasant so I wished to see you at least one more time. But my business schedule is not allowing me to enjoy this feast so, I am sending towards you my manager Mr. Ton Screw in order to collect the precious documents and also to hand over to you pay order of the said amount.
All necessary documents of mine and my manager are sent with this authorization letter as a proof so that this letter of mine could suffice you to the core of your heart. I hope, you will accept my offer of dinner with your family at my place one week from todays. Thanking in anticipation.

Mr. Jacob Andrew,
1 st September, 2017.


Authorization Letter for Baptismal Certificate

Sample Authorization letter format for Baptismal Certificate. This format can help the issuing authority of baptismal certificate as in lexical extension in the new format of the certificate.

Sample Authorization Letter for Baptismal Certificate

                          TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN

Authorization Letter  for Baptismal Certificate

All praises to the God who made us soul of creation. Who accepted us and gave birth to a Christian family. He is the most beneficent as He opened others eyes to see what is truthful. Due to His boundless bounties, people search for true religion and they came to our sacred path. It is always an honour to issue Baptismal certificate for the benefiting souls.

It is to inform you with much gaiety that Mr. John is baptized by Saint Doe David on 10 th July, 2017 (Tenth July, Two thousand and seventeen). The name of his mother is Ms. Liza David. The name of his father is Mr. David Ferry. The child belonged to East Avenue 204 near McDonald. In the vicinity of America. He is now Catholic by religion. The time of his baptism was 3:00 pm sharp. The letter of Authorization of Baptismal Certificate is being issued by Arch Priest Mr. John Medieval Crest.

Note: Any error or omission in this certificate should not be taken as voluntary action, but it can be mere mechanical error in its very nature. Any amendments to be made, if necessary, should be applied within fifteen days along with prior notice in form of written application ten days earlier to the request for change of any form in the certificate. Charging fee for each correction must be submitted within due time frame (provided via email).

Congratulations! Live a free life of Catholic in chains of chastity!


Mr. John Avocado
14 th July, 2017.

Sample Power of Attorney Letter

Sample format of letter of power of attorney from CEO. In business rise of issues is a normal cult and to deal with it many CEOs forward their power to their trustworthy just to avoid the issues. This authority letter can be used by persons who wished to attorney/authority their powers to others.

Sample Power of Attorney Letter


The Court of Law,
Business legal Documentation,
Las Vegas, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of Power of Attorney from CEO

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be fair and square in your life with eternal joys and happiness. Stay blessed ever. My names is Mr. David Cooper and I am here to file my case of Power of Attorney in the name of my nephew Mr. Andrew Cooper,who is also an operational manager in my company named Reckitt Tolls Limited.

The reason why I wanted to transfer my power towards my manager is to share and balance my burden in poised manner. Many a times I had to leave my country and travel to distance foreign places to settle deals with international delegates so in my absence my company had to face certain financial issues which causes me disturbance.

I want to nominate Mr. Andrew Cooper as a legal hire of my powers and he can take decisions on my behalf. Kindly see to this grave matter and I had attached all the necessary documents with this application for further perusal and legal paper work. I hope you will consider my words and nature of problem I am facing and will help me out. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. David Cooper.
March 30, 2016

Sample Power of Attorney Letter
Sample Power of Attorney Letter


Authorization Letter to Sell Property Sample

Authorization Letter to Sell Property .This authority letter may be written by the property owner to state that he authorizes a specific person to sell his property on his behalf but this letter is for the temporary work of the resided person and does not hold any kind of ownership unless stated.

Example of Authorization Letter to Sell Property


The Property Advisor,

Subject: Authority Letter

I, Mr. Johnn, owner of the property address is 23/g Gulberg Lahore, hereby state that I authorize Mr. Petter to sell the property on my behalf. I have declared Mr. Petter as my official personal agent for selling this property because currently I am residing out of country due to which I cannot come for the legal processing of the selling of property. Mr. Petter is an honest and trustworthy person, therefore there is no problem for me to assign him this important duty.

Moreover, I also state that Mr. Petter is assigned to sell this specific property and any other property sold by him on my behalf is not my responsibility and I have no concern with that. By writing this letter, I am authorizing the person with full powers on behalf of my interests. You are requested to pay in cash directly to him within a week of legal documentation.

After the selling of this property, a letter of termination will be issued which will state that Mr. Petter will no longer be authorized to sell or buy property on my behalf.

Attached are my other legal documents which you might need for this transaction.


Mr. Johnn Roxen(Owner)


Example of Authorization Letter to Sell Property
Example of Authorization Letter to Sell Property

Authority Letter to Collect Passport

Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport. Sample Passport Authorization Letter. If any person has applied for passport and due to some personal reasons or unfavorable circumstances he/she is not able to collect passport from office either he may be out of station, so he/she can authorize his friend/mother/father etc to collect his document and as a token to authenticity he may have to provide the authority letter to that particular person. Format is given below.

Authorization Letter to Collect Passport Sample

Subject: Authority letter to collect passport

This is Muhammad Hussain, I have applied for passport at Passport office G-34, Commercial Area, Phase I, DHA, Lahore.

Due to some personal issues I can’t come to collect my passport. I certify Mr. Farooq collect my passport from Passport Office DHA branch. CNIC and birth certificate copy  is attached with letter.

Thanking you I remain,

Muhammad Hussain

Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport

The Administration,
Passport Office.

Subject: Authority Letter to Collect Passport

Dear Sir,

This letter is to inform you that I am ‘Dr. Anum Ali’, I have applied for renewal of my passport in Passport Office, Walton Cantt. Due to my work requirement urgently I had to leave for Islamabad and unfortunately I am unable to collect my passport. Therefore, I authorize my brother ‘Amjad Ali’ having CNIC number: 000-00000-000 to collect my passport.

My Identity Card’s copy along with passport application and token number is attached with the application.


Dr. Anum Ali.

Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport
Sample Authority Letter to Collect Passport

Authorization Letters to Collect Passport

Respected Sir,

I am writing this to inform that Ms. Helena is authorized to collect my passport from Visa collection Center. My passport details are mentioned below. I have not given permission to anyone but her for this. She will be having her identity card and I am going to mention her details on this letter so it would be matched and she can get it easily. I cannot come to collect the passport due to the emergency. I
had to travel to another city on urgent basis and could not come to get the passport on time. I will be thankful for this favor.

Sincerely Yours,



Authority Letter for Bank

Sample Authority Letter for Bank. If any company or organization allows any employee to attain the authority to deal with the bank. Including collection and deposition of money, demand drafts etc. For this purpose an authority letter is required for official purpose in bank. This is a kind of legal and official document which is provided on behalf of company. Format of Authorization Letter for general people is also available. Format is given below.

Sample Authority Letter for Bank


The Manager,
Habib Metropolitin Bank Limited,
Ferozepur Road Branch,
13-Km, Main Ferozepur Road,

Subject: Authority Letter

Dear Sir,

We hereby authorize our Mr. ______________S/O ______ having CNIC number 032-14567-0000 to collect the cheque books,pay order, demand drafts, C.D.R cheques returned in clearing, Account statement etc. on our behalf, his specimen signatures are appended below for your record and kind perusal.

The above authority is valid till our further instructions in writing.

Signatures verified: —————

Specimen Signatures:————–

Thanks and Regards,

Authorized Signatures:_____


Sample Authority Letter for Bank
Sample Authority Letter for Bank


Authority Letter for Bank Format

The Branch Manager,
Standard Chartered Bank.

Subject: Authority Letter

Dear Sir,

This letter is to authorize Mr. James Green, having national identity number: 000-888-999. working as Finance Manager in Engro Group Limited to take in hand the charge of all the transaction from bank including the money orders, cheques, Pay Orders etc. He is also allowed to collect the bank statement of company. All the authorrities will be taken back if he will not continue with us, just in case. This letter is for you record.

Thanking You,


Engro Group Limited.


Sample Authorization Letter

The Branch Manager.
Bank Al-Baraka.

Subject: Authorization Letter

Dear Sir,

This letter is to certify that I am Eva James, account holder in your bank since last two years and my bank account number is: 000-9888ABC. I, for my business purpose have to leave the city and until the I come back I authorize Kin James, my mother to be my account incharge. She have authority for transactions, bank deposits and collections etc. I authorize her on my behalf. This letter is for official bank record.


Eva James.
Contact: 00-55-555.