Apology Letter for Cheating

Apology letter to teacher for cheating. Sample  letter of apology format from student due to cheating in exams. Cheating is termed as an offence and it is so by all defined means. This practice is harmful when it comes to students’ performances and their academic career leading towards professional careers. This crime should be controlled at higher level to gear the nation on the path of honesty and to create sense of it in the students. This Sorry letter for cheating  can be used by the students who are able to identify their issues and wanted to rectify it.

Apology Letter for Cheating

The Dean,
Morality School of Commerce,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Apology from student due to cheating in exams

Respected Sir,

I am John David Halt and student of 9 th standard in this school. Yesterday, I was sitting in the examination hall together my other class fellows and nervously awaiting for the paper to come as it was really very difficult and the time frame given to us was also very short. My preparation was not good as I fell ill few days ago and had taken leaves from the school as well on the score of it. I could not afford to fail the paper and decided then and there to take ‘help’ from my class fellow, but this help is coined as cheating. I was helpless at that time and had no other option, but I really regret myself on doing so and got scolding from my examiner on duty as well, but it was you who told me the adverse side of this so called team work or help and my head fell down in shame.

Kindly accept my humble sorry and please rephrase the time schedule for the paper so that I can reappear in it. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Mr. John David Halt.
7 th November, 2017.

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