Apology Letter for Plagiarism

Sample apology letter for plagiarism in assignment. Plagiarism is termed as exact copying and pasting of something taken from others’ resources and without the proper permission of the owner or the writer. It is written clearly in the copyright acts that plagiarism is a legal offence and the person who is found guilty of it must be put to court of law for punishment. If someone had taken into account on this basis then he must write a sorry note as he was breaching others’ work and this format can help such persons or students.

Apology Letter for Plagiarism

The Dean,
Green Educator High School,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Apology due to plagiarism in assignment

Respected Sir,

With due honesty and attire, it is to state that I am student of Doctoral standard and a part time tuition teacher as well as my expenses could not be catered by my father only so I work side by side. There were three consecutive assignments given to me on the research proposal and my school routine was also damn hectic. I tried to catch up with all the three assignments by myself, but short fall of time and so I decided to give third and the last assignment to the sites who work for students like us and all I had to do is to pay the writer on the score of assignment they wrote for us. I got the assignment and paid the site!

I did not check the assignment personally before handing over the assignment to the concerned professor and got horrifying results in reaction. Kindly accept my humble repentance and please give me second chance so that I can complete the assignment and resubmit it to you within that time frame. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours truly,
Mr. John Joseph Ron
7 th November, 2017.

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